Die! Die! Die!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Put a hole in my drum kit and you'll die mutha fucka

After taking Die! Die Die! abroad, the Dunedin lads are back in New Zealand. They've come fully equipped with a new album and brand spanking kick arse it is. Forget every other punk album you've heard this year because this is simply the best.

Ever since the band's debut back in what, 2005? they have got stronger and better with every release. Last year's Locust Weeks EP blew everything wide open and the following vinyl-only single 'Blue Skies' teased the fuck out of all of us. Just released, the new full-length album Promises Promises delivers all. Produced by Shane Carter (Straight Jacket Fits) the album is a triumph, especially after the band has had such a rough year.

If you haven't already heard about the band's year from hell here's a little catch up. First vocalist Andrew Wilson was struck by a serious throat infection; he then broke his arm, most probably attempting some kind of Back of the Y type stunt. A promotional fiasco then lead to a bunch of British Die! Die! Die! fans being locked out and left cold and lonely. When they thought it couldn't get any worse, a US airline damaged a huge amount of the band's gear, including instruments very dear to the poor boys' hearts.

But they are home now, and coming into summer Die! Die! Die! are the hottest band in town. Returning to their roots and rewarding their loyal fans who've been with them from day one, the band are doing an extensive nationwide tour. Their mums will be very proud and I'm sure they'll be getting their favourite desert at least once.

Die! Die! Die!- Sideways Here We Come: MP3

Die! Die! Die!- Blinding: MP3

Die! Die! Die!- Myspace

Sigmund Droid

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Un-Slick Sound of NYC

According to my new favourite blog, Brooklyn Ski Club, Sigmund Droid sound like New York. I wouldn't know since I'm neither from there nor have I been there, but I've always felt NYC and me would get on splendidly. And any band with an affinity for freaking out crowds of bloggers with out-of-this-world psychedelic rock and roll such as Sigmund Droid get a firm thumbs up/A+/array of accolades.

There's nothing like happening upon your new favourite band on a groggy Saturday morning amid crumpled sheets and coffee. Sigmund Droid will explode your mind from the minute you click on their wasted allegorical name.

Crass and brash and unashamedly obnoxious, their initially gross sound soon morphs into the craziest, fun, dirty messy rock and roll you'll likely have heard since the inception of punk. I dare you to deny Psychic Healer's likeness to a DFA1979 take on My Sharona. That bassline! Yet it's undoubtedly punchier than any version of the latter I've ever heard.

If the Stooges vomited all over Zeppelin in a grimy club (and wouldn't they?) and then clubbed to death any preconceived notions of rock with a busted beer bottle, the result might slightly resemble Sigmund Droid, if you squint yr eyes.

A bit graphic and grissly, but so real and in-yr-face obnoxious, one can only dream of a Sigmund Droid show here. I'll be the one glued to the wall, eyes and mouth agape in awe. Sigmund Droid, say hello to your newest fan.

Sigmund Droid- Liverpool Sluts: MP3

Sigmund Droid- Psychic Healer: MP3

Sigmund Droid- Symbols in the Sand: MP3

Architecture In Helsinki

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Architecture In New Zealand

Thanks Galesburg! Yep it's finally true, those wacky Aussies are coming to New Zealand for the first time ever. It will certainly be a date not to be missed. Whether you live in Auckland or Wellington, on Dec 13 and 14 you should be at either one of these shows. The tickets are apparently $35, a bargain really.

If you haven't heard Architecture In Helsinki before then here is a little heads up. The band were originally a three piece formed in the late 90's in small town Australia, growing to an eight piece in 2005 and now at six members. Known for their crazy stage antics, the band is built around the three core members Cameron Bird, Jamie Mildren and Sam Perry. Leaving the country lifestyle and settling in Melbourne saw the band take shape, musicians slowly entered the fray and after a few scratchy low key shows the band was officially launched. The band have evolved from a crafty mix of electronic, brass and indie-styled folk music into one of the most eccentric bands in the world.

Architecture In Helsinki create art that is so unique that it hits you right where you want it most. After three official releases and a remix album, they have become a band on many people's lips, shoes and hearts. They've just released their third album titled Places Like This and it is in my opinion the best Australian album of the year. Almost unrecognisable from some of their previous work the album was completed with Bird in New York, sending correspondence back to his band mates in Melbourne.

Check out the new video for 'Hold Music' from Places Like This

If the reports from fellow Aussie bloggers at Off The Record are anything to go by, it'll be more than a music show, it'll be a lesson in culture and what it means to be cool.

Architecture In Helsinki- Debbie: MP3

Architecture In Helsinki- Heart It Races: MP3

Architecture In Helsinki- The Cemetery: MP3

Architecture In Helsinki- Myspace

Let's Party!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Let's Party!

Four New Bands: Put On Your Red Shoes And Dance!

Kids On TV

Oh the joy of nakedness! Get your kit off and come get down with Kids On TV. This exciting Toronto electro, disco house experimental quartet are far out. Once a raunchy burlesque karaoke musical performance duo, Kids On TV are now a fully mature electronic punk band, making art out of activism and breaking social barriers. Spicy sexual themes, eclectic costumes and a desire to liberate the wicked, they are not only the coolest Kids On TV, they are the coolest kids on the block.

Kids On TV- We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off: MP3


Cutesy cute Wellington pop group Peneloping deserve a gold star. They have been around the local scene for a couple of years and have made some very swoonful music. I'm especially fond of 'Neo Fennario', a track I've had on high rotation for a few months now. For a band so shy and modest, their happy wistful melody is so lovable and endearing. Peneloping are like the shy girl/guy at school, a little mysterious but super cute in that red cardigan.

Peneloping- Neo Fennario: MP3

Grand Ole Party

Grand Ole Party is a band I came across while researching Rilo Kiley. The band have just supported Rilo Kiley on their recent American tour and have a few bloggers around the world excited. Judging by the songs I've heard, Grand Ole Party should have probably headlined the tour. Vocalist and drummer Kristen Gundreds voice is sharp as a knife and makes Jenny Lewis sound like a southern yokel who's just woken from her grave after fifty years. Shrieking guitar hooks and thick bass lines in tow, take Grand Ole Party to the dance and you'll certainly come home out of breath.

Grand Ole Party- Look Out Young Son: MP3

Bang! Bang! Eche!

Bang! Bang! Eche! are a bunch of ultra hip kids from Christchurch, New Zealand. An electronic/vocal act with a larger than space sound, they somehow manage to capture something unique and eclectic. It's really just a chaotic noise, but by god it's the best damn chaotic noise I've ever heard. Bang! Bang! Eche! make a six car pile up on the desert road sound like a sparrow chirping at dawn, and gosh they are enthusiastic about it.

Bang! Bang! Eche!- Nikee: MP3

The Stomps

Friday, October 12, 2007

I do want candy, can I have some?

I could tell you a story about The Stomps, but it would probably be boring and you'd fall asleep and hit your head on the keyboard. So instead I'll shut up and let you listen to another talented young band. If you're really interested to know a little more then read the next paragraph, but only if you want to.

The Stomps are a two piece band from Northland, New Zealand. One half now lives in Wellington, but the lads find time to get together and write music from time to time. An interesting creation it is as well, styled in rockabilly, blues and folk, it's humorous but deeply focused. Elliot Brown's (acoustic guitar, vocals) unique song writing gives the band a classic touch, I sense a fascination with the Navy.

The bands live performance is really something to behold. Jackson Hobbs (drums) stands at the front of the stage pounding away at his three piece kit. Elliot with a huge grin, strums away on his guitar, swaying from side to side like a drunken sailor. It's ironic really, live they sound a little stompy.

To date the band have two EP's, the first came out in late 2006 and the second came it this year. To purchase them you'll need to contact the band. If you live in New Zealand then you can apparently find The Stomps in very selected record stores, but you probably won't. Spread the propaganda by visiting myspace.

The Stomps- Tom O'Bedlam: Mp3

The Stomps- Beaumains: MP3

The Stomps- Mercury: MP3

The Stomps- Myspace

Connan and the Mockasins

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hey Chocolate, Let's Do The Twist!

It seems like so long ago that we said goodbye to Connan and the Mockasins. I remember it well; Bodega on a cold winter's night, what a sad but special night it was. We knew in our hearts it was not the last we would hear from this fantastic band, and while Britain proved difficult at first, it wasn't long before the band were noticed by some pretty stellar talent. Taken in initially by Fat Boy Slim, before long Connan and the Mockasins had people talking. Just like back home, their wit and charming cuteness won fans instantly in the harsh music environment that is London.

The final New Zealand gig, 26 May 2006 at Bodega, Wellington

When the band posted some live tracks on their myspace page a few days ago, it was a reminder why Connan and the Mockasins remain dear to all Wellington music fans' hearts. I decided to go in search of a few videos and pictures to remember the days when Connan and the Mockasins were our little Wellington secret. It was hard finding video footage from their early days in New Zealand, but I did find some interesting videos from the UK and a music video possibly seen by very few in this country. Below is the music video made for 'Uuu It's Teasy', it was made during the band's first few months in the UK for a music video contest; it won!

As the band's popularity increased in the UK, they were hand picked by BBC Radio's Huw Stevens to play live in the studio. This opened a whole new window for the band and before long they were featured on the pages of NME. On You Tube you can now find video of Connan and the Mockasins performing at festivals. In my search I came across this excellent version of 'Sneaky Sneaky Dogfriend', recorded just weeks ago at the Durr Club in London.

Last of all I have a couple of new live tracks, recorded sometime this year at Catch. Check out the version of 'Naughty Holidays' for some stunning Connan Hosford guitar work. 'Morfaa' is a bit scratchy but what the heck. It's the closest us Kiwi fans have been in quite some time.

Connan and the Mockasins- Naughty Holidays (Live): MP3

Connan and the Mockasins- Morfaa (Live): MP3

Connan and the Mockasins- Myspace

The Situations

Saturday, October 06, 2007

"Better than a box cutter to the face"

Rosehill school boys grow up to become pop stars! But I bet the principal hasn't had them back to give an inspirational speech. Perhaps he should have, after all the four situation lads from Auckland, New Zealand have done quite well for themselves. Since forming in school back in 2002, the band have had several accolades cast upon them. The most important being last years record deal with European label Beyond Your Mind (Germany).

For those interested in The Situations back catalogue, you can find recordings dating back to 2005. While these are just two or three track singles, it lead forward into the bands debut album Situations Get The Basics released in late 2006 (released in Europe, August 2007). After great reviews from both mainstream and indie music media in New Zealand and Australia, the band were picked to support the White Stripes on their 2006 Australian tour.

The Situations have just finished recording their new two track single. So far only a hand full of people can claim proud ownership, I'm lucky enough to be one of them. With band permission I've been allowed to post both songs here on Einstein. In contrast to the bands debut which was coated in Beach Boys like harmony; the two new songs are a little more raw, finished with an edgier garage rock sharpness, but retaining the whimsical pop lining that gained them European success. You can pick up a copy of the single from the bands live show.

The Situations- The Great Barrier: MP3

The Situations- Postcard From Egypt: MP3

The Situations- Myspace

Trash Yourself

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fuck Me Here!

Owners of one of the most psychedelic myspace pages on the web, Trash Yourself are an eccentric, eclectic pair. They are Heidi Cannon and John Bourke, two rascals from Oklahoma now pulling their moves on the New York electro underground. After meeting two years ago in college, campus conversation quickly turned to collaboration when Heidi suggested doing vocals for some of Johns tracks. The chemistry was magnetic from the start and with help from both Treasure Fingers and the Toxic Avenger, the dirty electro styling of Trash Yourself was born.

The duo are currently in the studio working on their debut album. The album will include more work with Treasure Fingers and the Toxic Avenger plus collaborations with several other producers. If the groups previous recordings give any indication to the bands intentions, the album will be one for the bedroom. Full of sexual references and grinding hard pop, it's fucking music that'll get you super hot, wet and hard.

Of the tracks available for download, 'Song 2' is a cover of the Blur hit from 1997. We have two versions, a straight out Trash Yourself version with Heidi on vocals and a Trashed up remix, mashed into a fiery dance floorathon. For the bedroom, download 'Touch', it's the hottest track of the year with lyrics that'll drop your panties to the floor, "fuck me here, lick me there" lets just fuck anywhere.

Trash Yourself- Touch: MP3

Trash Yourself- Song 2: MP3

Trash Yourself- Song 2 (Trashed): MP3

Trash Yourself- Myspace

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