Let's Party!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Let's Party!

Four New Bands: Put On Your Red Shoes And Dance!

Kids On TV

Oh the joy of nakedness! Get your kit off and come get down with Kids On TV. This exciting Toronto electro, disco house experimental quartet are far out. Once a raunchy burlesque karaoke musical performance duo, Kids On TV are now a fully mature electronic punk band, making art out of activism and breaking social barriers. Spicy sexual themes, eclectic costumes and a desire to liberate the wicked, they are not only the coolest Kids On TV, they are the coolest kids on the block.

Kids On TV- We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off: MP3


Cutesy cute Wellington pop group Peneloping deserve a gold star. They have been around the local scene for a couple of years and have made some very swoonful music. I'm especially fond of 'Neo Fennario', a track I've had on high rotation for a few months now. For a band so shy and modest, their happy wistful melody is so lovable and endearing. Peneloping are like the shy girl/guy at school, a little mysterious but super cute in that red cardigan.

Peneloping- Neo Fennario: MP3

Grand Ole Party

Grand Ole Party is a band I came across while researching Rilo Kiley. The band have just supported Rilo Kiley on their recent American tour and have a few bloggers around the world excited. Judging by the songs I've heard, Grand Ole Party should have probably headlined the tour. Vocalist and drummer Kristen Gundreds voice is sharp as a knife and makes Jenny Lewis sound like a southern yokel who's just woken from her grave after fifty years. Shrieking guitar hooks and thick bass lines in tow, take Grand Ole Party to the dance and you'll certainly come home out of breath.

Grand Ole Party- Look Out Young Son: MP3

Bang! Bang! Eche!

Bang! Bang! Eche! are a bunch of ultra hip kids from Christchurch, New Zealand. An electronic/vocal act with a larger than space sound, they somehow manage to capture something unique and eclectic. It's really just a chaotic noise, but by god it's the best damn chaotic noise I've ever heard. Bang! Bang! Eche! make a six car pile up on the desert road sound like a sparrow chirping at dawn, and gosh they are enthusiastic about it.

Bang! Bang! Eche!- Nikee: MP3


At 2:34 PM, October 18, 2007, Blogger Bjorker said...

hello there! im the first time on your blog and I desperately want you to ask about the shout out louds bonus track from the vinyl version of the second album.

Im a huge obsessed fan from Romania. And I NEED "Bicycle" IMMEDIATELY...or I die!!!


Thank you. [maybe you can help me...now or later...]


At 11:17 PM, October 23, 2007, Blogger Cyrus - Grand Master of the Nerdiverse said...

grand ole are quite good. wish these bands could get into a more mainstream position, but i suppose that would be quite contrary to most indie philosophies.

*adds blog to favorites*


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