The Situations

Saturday, October 06, 2007

"Better than a box cutter to the face"

Rosehill school boys grow up to become pop stars! But I bet the principal hasn't had them back to give an inspirational speech. Perhaps he should have, after all the four situation lads from Auckland, New Zealand have done quite well for themselves. Since forming in school back in 2002, the band have had several accolades cast upon them. The most important being last years record deal with European label Beyond Your Mind (Germany).

For those interested in The Situations back catalogue, you can find recordings dating back to 2005. While these are just two or three track singles, it lead forward into the bands debut album Situations Get The Basics released in late 2006 (released in Europe, August 2007). After great reviews from both mainstream and indie music media in New Zealand and Australia, the band were picked to support the White Stripes on their 2006 Australian tour.

The Situations have just finished recording their new two track single. So far only a hand full of people can claim proud ownership, I'm lucky enough to be one of them. With band permission I've been allowed to post both songs here on Einstein. In contrast to the bands debut which was coated in Beach Boys like harmony; the two new songs are a little more raw, finished with an edgier garage rock sharpness, but retaining the whimsical pop lining that gained them European success. You can pick up a copy of the single from the bands live show.

The Situations- The Great Barrier: MP3

The Situations- Postcard From Egypt: MP3

The Situations- Myspace


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