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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hey Chocolate, Let's Do The Twist!

It seems like so long ago that we said goodbye to Connan and the Mockasins. I remember it well; Bodega on a cold winter's night, what a sad but special night it was. We knew in our hearts it was not the last we would hear from this fantastic band, and while Britain proved difficult at first, it wasn't long before the band were noticed by some pretty stellar talent. Taken in initially by Fat Boy Slim, before long Connan and the Mockasins had people talking. Just like back home, their wit and charming cuteness won fans instantly in the harsh music environment that is London.

The final New Zealand gig, 26 May 2006 at Bodega, Wellington

When the band posted some live tracks on their myspace page a few days ago, it was a reminder why Connan and the Mockasins remain dear to all Wellington music fans' hearts. I decided to go in search of a few videos and pictures to remember the days when Connan and the Mockasins were our little Wellington secret. It was hard finding video footage from their early days in New Zealand, but I did find some interesting videos from the UK and a music video possibly seen by very few in this country. Below is the music video made for 'Uuu It's Teasy', it was made during the band's first few months in the UK for a music video contest; it won!

As the band's popularity increased in the UK, they were hand picked by BBC Radio's Huw Stevens to play live in the studio. This opened a whole new window for the band and before long they were featured on the pages of NME. On You Tube you can now find video of Connan and the Mockasins performing at festivals. In my search I came across this excellent version of 'Sneaky Sneaky Dogfriend', recorded just weeks ago at the Durr Club in London.

Last of all I have a couple of new live tracks, recorded sometime this year at Catch. Check out the version of 'Naughty Holidays' for some stunning Connan Hosford guitar work. 'Morfaa' is a bit scratchy but what the heck. It's the closest us Kiwi fans have been in quite some time.

Connan and the Mockasins- Naughty Holidays (Live): MP3

Connan and the Mockasins- Morfaa (Live): MP3

Connan and the Mockasins- Myspace


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