Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Roll back Neo-Fascism
it's not what we voted for

About a month ago I meet Snowfield in a Wellington cafe. Over a cool bottle of Foxton Fizz and a warm vegetarian samosa we chatted about music, politics and his latest zine.

Snowfield is Alex Mitcalfe Wilson, a shy, well mannered and extremely down to earth young man from Wellington, New Zealand. Earlier this year he released his first album called Obvious Errors: Poor Execution and recently he has put out a split 7" with Alps of NSW. As well as this, Alex writes his own zines, Cupcake Monsters and Hectic Lifestyle can be found in selected shops around Wellington or alternatively you can contact Alex via myspace.

Through his music and his zines, Alex has found a forum to express himself and his concerns about humanity. As we sat there talking, it became apparent to me that I was sitting next to an extremely motivated and compassionate person. Alex talked about his concern over the recent terrorism raids in New Zealand, speaking with a clear understanding and compassion towards the people caught up in the raids (some of whom were his friends). As a strong advocate for indigenous rights, he spoke of the governments imperialistic style rule over the Tuhoe people, seeing the terrorism raids as yet another example of racism and the breach of peoples civil liberties.

As a liberal minded young man, Alex is unafraid to put action into song. His topics range from pro-abortion and indigenous rights to his disgust over the government tapping phones and turning activists into criminals. He's DIY and proud of it, creating uncomplicated music with a clear message to educate people young and old. Whether you like his music or not, Alex Mitcalfe Wilson is an outstanding person. A fine song writer and wonderful primary school teacher, Alex's gentle words are extremely sincere.

Snowfield- If This is Liberty Then Give Me Death: MP3

Snowfield- The Shape of a Wolf: MP3

Snowfield- Myspace


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