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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Un-Slick Sound of NYC

According to my new favourite blog, Brooklyn Ski Club, Sigmund Droid sound like New York. I wouldn't know since I'm neither from there nor have I been there, but I've always felt NYC and me would get on splendidly. And any band with an affinity for freaking out crowds of bloggers with out-of-this-world psychedelic rock and roll such as Sigmund Droid get a firm thumbs up/A+/array of accolades.

There's nothing like happening upon your new favourite band on a groggy Saturday morning amid crumpled sheets and coffee. Sigmund Droid will explode your mind from the minute you click on their wasted allegorical name.

Crass and brash and unashamedly obnoxious, their initially gross sound soon morphs into the craziest, fun, dirty messy rock and roll you'll likely have heard since the inception of punk. I dare you to deny Psychic Healer's likeness to a DFA1979 take on My Sharona. That bassline! Yet it's undoubtedly punchier than any version of the latter I've ever heard.

If the Stooges vomited all over Zeppelin in a grimy club (and wouldn't they?) and then clubbed to death any preconceived notions of rock with a busted beer bottle, the result might slightly resemble Sigmund Droid, if you squint yr eyes.

A bit graphic and grissly, but so real and in-yr-face obnoxious, one can only dream of a Sigmund Droid show here. I'll be the one glued to the wall, eyes and mouth agape in awe. Sigmund Droid, say hello to your newest fan.

Sigmund Droid- Liverpool Sluts: MP3

Sigmund Droid- Psychic Healer: MP3

Sigmund Droid- Symbols in the Sand: MP3


At 7:51 PM, October 31, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its so sweet that you like our band. We're coming to New Zealand right now!


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