The Stomps

Friday, October 12, 2007

I do want candy, can I have some?

I could tell you a story about The Stomps, but it would probably be boring and you'd fall asleep and hit your head on the keyboard. So instead I'll shut up and let you listen to another talented young band. If you're really interested to know a little more then read the next paragraph, but only if you want to.

The Stomps are a two piece band from Northland, New Zealand. One half now lives in Wellington, but the lads find time to get together and write music from time to time. An interesting creation it is as well, styled in rockabilly, blues and folk, it's humorous but deeply focused. Elliot Brown's (acoustic guitar, vocals) unique song writing gives the band a classic touch, I sense a fascination with the Navy.

The bands live performance is really something to behold. Jackson Hobbs (drums) stands at the front of the stage pounding away at his three piece kit. Elliot with a huge grin, strums away on his guitar, swaying from side to side like a drunken sailor. It's ironic really, live they sound a little stompy.

To date the band have two EP's, the first came out in late 2006 and the second came it this year. To purchase them you'll need to contact the band. If you live in New Zealand then you can apparently find The Stomps in very selected record stores, but you probably won't. Spread the propaganda by visiting myspace.

The Stomps- Tom O'Bedlam: Mp3

The Stomps- Beaumains: MP3

The Stomps- Mercury: MP3

The Stomps- Myspace


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