Fuck Geography, Pt. 1

Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Dashel was an extra in
Things I Hate About You!"
There's so much good DIY Indie/Punk music pouring out of the proverbial gutters, I tried to create a cohesive, geographically-thematic post but it was just too hard. As I linked from band to band, I discovered that the certain kind of music I was seeking wasn't just focused in certain areas (I was intending the East Coast of the US) – it's all over the show! So from Seattle to San Fransisco to Nevada to Kansas, whatever. Here are some amazing bands that deserve your attention...

* * *

"my vagina is defected"
Their press release is so well-written one hardly needs to write their own prose about them, but then wouldn't that be shallow? TacocaT sparked my interest because of their novelty name but also because their lo-fi girl pop was played up by having one token "large American male", as they call him. The odd formation brings to mind CSS, but ultimately that silhouette is the only similarity between the two bands. TacocaT's fiery blend of sugar-coated fem-pop with smatterings of Nirvana, Fugazi and Bikini Kill will ignite a dance-a-thon in your parent's basement not unlike the first time you heard Nevermind. Listen to the "palindromic quintet from Seattle with members of The Trashies and Os Coyotes" on Myspace now! (Sorry I couldn't help but re-quote).

Check out Bike Party for super loud fun,
Peeps for cute sing-along grunge-pop
Uti for super gross/super awesome femme pop!

* * *

Thunder Thighs
"I may rock an eye patch...
when you're cruising space/ protecting the human race"
Sounding sort of like the band of skateboarders that tried to shoplift soul records for their girlfriends from the record shop in High Fidelity, Thunder Thighs are bristly punks with attitude. Though some of their songs border on 80s era untuned no wave, Glimerance has definite hints of Joy Division (whether they like it or not!) and there are some real standouts. If they keep up the noise they're making they're bound to get more attention!

Check out Take Back The Night & Skull Squadron!

Thunder Thighs– Myspace

* * *

Little Teeth
"I framed Mom and Daddy's handshakes..."
The lead singer always looks drunken and dishevelled, maybe as if she's been up all night writing ballads into her gin, but that's all a bit presumptuous of me. Perhaps she doesn't drink gin at all? Perhaps the music is more important than this anyway. Which it most definitley is! Little Teeth make some of the most intriguing music I've heard in a LONG TIME, and I was genuinely very surprised and impressed and a little bit scared of their music. A little bit folk, a little bit circus freak, a little bit horror, a little bit riot grrrl wail, the squonky, strange but utterly heartfelt balladry of Little Teeth is never dull but always intoxicating.

Check out Between My Ears for a Tegan And Sara-esque ballad or Sideways for a more hip hop flavoured Neutral Milk Hotel-esque quiet chaos!

Little Teeth– Myspace

* * *

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk
"Eek Shriek Beak!"
Part shoegaze, part Sonic Youth immersed in fuzz, part Radiohead in their early days, BBDDM defy expectation, demeanor, grandeur, definition... But they are really fucking good so you should give them a good listen!

Check out the wailing Helicopter Soup,
the Radiohead-esque Dry Depths and the
confoundingly good Panda Bear-esque Our Girls!
These guys are gonna be big someday...

* * *

Lullatone- Live Photos

Friday, March 28, 2008

Whammy Bar, Auckland. 24-03-2008

Here's To Future Days

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Forward to the Future

Starting tomorrow night is Here's To Future Days, a three day music extravaganza featuring some of New Zealand's best up and coming musical talent. Hosted by the wonderful people at Bar Bodega, and in conjunction with Vorticon Productions, the event features 30 bands across an eclectic range of musical genres. Tickets are $35 for all three nights or $15 per night.

We've selected a few artists who we think you should check out. There's a selection of MP3's available for download and myspace links for all.

Snowfield is Alex Mitcalfe Wilson, a solo musician with a heart for politically-inspired protest music. Taking a minimilist approach, he plays keys, guitar and sings vocals over a range of self-recorded backing tracks. See Snowfield on Friday 28, downstairs in Bodega 101.

Einstein's favourite New Zealand hip-hop artist will drop his rhymes just after Snowfield. Taking serious subjects and turning them into playful adolescent hip-hop beats, Tommy can be compared quite easily to Lupe Fiasco. See Tommy Ill on Friday 28, downstairs in Bodega 101.

Tommy Ill– Myspace

Tommy Ill- Toast and Tea Kettles: MP3

The adorable Hannah Cherry has been around the Wellington music scene for several years now. Her riot grrrl style pop/rock offers an opportunity for the not-so-serious hipsters to get their groove on and join Hannah and her band in having a cheeky little laugh. See Cherry's Gemstones on Friday 28, on the Bodega main stage.

Electronic act Heat Like Me make sythesised new rave dance pop wrapped up with sweet female vocals. The band's production is super slick, most probably thanks to band member James Goldsmith, who many will know from his sound duties at the San Fransisco Bathhouse. HLM have also worked with Tommy Ill, so you may get to see a little cameo. See Heat Like Me on Friday 28, on the Bodega main stage.

Matt Brennan is the psychedelic grime metalist known as Flick. He produces all the music himself using drums, guitars, bass, synth and vocals, and plays free of loops or backing tracks. Flick is one of four Auckland artists visiting for the event. See Flick on Friday 28, on the Bodega main stage.

Techno kids from a technological age, that's one way to describe Alex the Kid. Their Kraftwerk style electro pop will teleport you back to the 1970's, a time when synth pop changed music forever. See Alex the Kid on Saturday 29, on the Bodega main stage.

The most exciting band of the festival just happen to be four sixteen year old girls from Auckland. The girls' energetic dibly-dably pop is super-duper cute and us at Einstein are their biggest fans. Come and dance with the Morons cose it's going to be so much funnnnn! See Moron Says What?!?! on Saturday 28, on the Bodega main stage.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is anything as cute as Japanese pop?

Music-wise, maybe not! But you can judge that for yourself. The Japanese bubblegum pop duo of Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida is hitting our shores next week for four shows. They are playing two shows in Auckland (including Tuesday 25 March with CSS and Glass Candy) as well as in Christchurch and Dunedin.

The duo's minimalist dream-like pop is packed with smiley, head-bopping beats. Tomida provides Care Bear-cute vocals to accompany Seymour's delightfully whimsical melodies. Together the pair are cuter than candy floss and tastier than pumpkin pie. To prove this all true they have made this sweet little commercial to advertise their New Zealand and Australian tour.

The tour down under coincides with the release of their sixth album, titled The Bedtime Beat. On their website they describe it as "Our strangest and most pop CD yet, featuring the sounds of bathtubs, underwater humming, snoring cut up into drum beats, Yoshimi's human beat box and much, much more." On the downloadable track below you can hear evidence of this, most notably Yoshimi drumming on water.

Lullatone- The Bathtime Beat: MP3

Lullatone- Myspace

You won't wanna miss Lullatone, so check out the dates below and make sure you're there.

March 24
Auckland- Whammy Bar

March 25
Auckland- Kings Arms
(with CSS and Glass Candy)

March 27
Christchurch- The Physics Room

March 28
Dunedin- The Dunedin Public Art Gallery

Punk's Reign of Terror

Friday, March 14, 2008

Scared Yet?
Music from the darkness

The Holy Kiss
The goths you see in the mall probably wouldn't like The Holy Kiss, but their appeal to the indie music connoisseur is undeniable. Their tight gothic rhythms and crystallised belts of dark shadowy post punk will be most appreciated if you're a fan of The Birthday Party or The Horrors.

The Holy Kiss- Black etc: MP3

The Holly Kiss- Myspace

Lipstick Terror
Hardcore synth horror music from Mexico. These guys are truly awesome! Their experimentation with screamo, synth based rock has lead them to SXSW, where they will most probably frighten the daylights out of many unsuspecting music critics. Even if you aren't a fan of hardcore music you should take a listen, the chemistry these guys create is electric.

Lipstick Terror- Myspace

The Creeping Nobodies
Not necessarily the scariest band, but the Toronto natives do have some pretty haunting characteristics. The vocals of Derek Westerholm combined with layers of distorted feedback give a sense of stormy weather; the type that makes you hide under the bed sheets late at night. The Creeping Nobodies can be described as a darker, denser version of bands like The Guest Bedroom or You Say Party! We say Die!

The Creeping Nobodies- The Sound of Joy: MP3

The Creeping Nobodies- Your Likeness: MP3

The Creeping Nobodies- Myspace

Insomniacs be warned, we have a band just for you. Adjective are a shock tactic, post punk band from Vancouver, Canada, and there's a chance they worship the devil. If you ever make a crazy art house horror film you should probably consider these guys for the soundtrack. Not only do the girls scream, the guitars do too.

Little Pictures (Limited Edition)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Little Picture Disc

Little Pictures have made 15 limited edition picture discs of their debut EP You + Me + My Amplifier. Each disc is individually hand drawn and has been designed to remember the fun times had at Camp A Low Hum 2008.

They are strictly limited, so go to the bands myspace page now and get your copy. When they are gone there will be no more made. You can use your credit card, so if you live outside of New Zealand it's no problem.

Lawrence Arabia

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fondly fondling the Flora & Fauna

Multi-instrumentalist and multi-talented and super-awesome wearer of short shorts at Camp A Low Hum, according to many reports, Lawrence Arabia, is set to leave New Zealand's shores once more. But that doesn't mean he hates us, quite the opposite, actually. The expat delivered one final ode of love to Kiwiland in the form of a stunningly shot video. It was described by the man himself in a Myspace bulletin last night as depicting his high regard for "the flora, fauna and topography of New Zealand's South Island". Rather intimately, I might add. No, not like that. The super special surprise video for Talk About Good Times features our Lawrence likely scantily clad in fashionable attire: white gumboots and a checkered red farm jacket. Directed by Stephen Ballantyne, it showcases superb Alice In Wonderland-esque bunny rabbits – with a deadly twist! – by the inimitable Greg Chapman. Watch the new vid below, and bask in the glory of the good times!

And for those of you locals who can't bear to part just yet, there is one final soiree at Whammy bar this Wednesday. This even features a diabolical debut set by Joe 90s, who Lawrence says is "threatening magnificence"! Lawrence and band's recent set at the Auckland Zoo with the Phoenix Foundation was so enjoyable – and that wasn't just because of the spider monkeys! See you at Whammy, then!

Lawrence Arabia – Myspace

It's a d.a.n.c.e. Revolution!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's a D.a.n.c.e. Revolution!


Everyone loves a cocky Frenchman. How about two? Two cocky Frenchmen who make synthetic, sappy, tangly wires of beats and wandering, lurching basslines? With robot voices ranting about their sexual prowess? You know you want it. Providing ample foot-jiggling madness in Truckers Delight as well as the aforementioned song that got bloggers' tongues wagging, Better Than Prince, Flairs are like sooo hot right now. I'm sure I've heard Truckers... on student radio before, but either way you ought to check it out. That elastic rhythm and spicey beat, peppered with crazy computer freakouts, it wont make your headspin, it'll just make you smile and nod your head and go "yeahhhhhhhhh".

Flairs – Truckers Delight: MP3

Flairs – Myspace


Revolt against generic mainstream dance culture! Observe the crazy Europeans' dance sensibility in employing "bone-crunching" riffs and disco-happy tones! Freak out with the glorious alien-vocals and robo-references! It's in no way passé, call it 2008!

Revolte – Unit 1 Lesson 2: MP3

Revolte – Myspace


Super smooth disco driving retro synth tones in Ghosthustler's recent track Only Me To Trust were enjoyable enough; then they had to go throw something like Someone Else's Ride in our faces! Bringing a whole new level of sappy happy noise, Ghosthustler's new track is probably best enjoyed either cruising down a Cali freeway in a Cadillac, or sipping cruisers in a sleazy bar – but all the while laughing at yourself and the absurdity of the fun and carefree nature of it all. Allllllllright!

Ghosthustler – Only Me To Trust (demo): MP3

Ghosthustler – Someone Else's Ride: MP3

Ghosthustler – Myspace


These guys have been a buzz band on bloggers' lips for a while now, but with each listen they retain a super fresh and appealing sound. Much like how you feel if you eat some fruit in the afternoon after a rather dreary, druggy morning.

Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin': MP3

Chromeo – Fancy Footwork: MP3

Chromeo – Myspace


Okay, so not entirely "dance" per se, but totally fun and catchy and I tend to think that qualifies as dance music anyway, so, whatever. I don't know. All I do know is that it's fast, topical and abrasive, but wrapped up in Lupe's understated, King of Cool facade. It's everything you could've wanted. Garnering five-star reviews around the world, Lupe needs no justifying, just enjoy it. He even makes Snoop Dogg sound cool!

Lupe Fiasco – Go Go Gadget Flow: MP3

Lupe Fiasco – The Coolest: MP3

Lupe Fiasco feat. Snoop Dogg & Pooh Bear – Hi-Definition: MP3

Lupe Fiasco – Myspace


When Gregg Gillis toured here (Auckland, New Zealand, for those unaware of Einstein's origins), it was the sweatiest, funnest dance party we'd had since 2004, or the last D-Rad party. Or the last Pig Out party. But I digress. Bringing it back to dance, Girl Talk know how to rock the party right. With his saran-wrapped industrial design laptop and 80s throwback knowledge, flingin' his hands in the air like he just don't care and dropping beats faster than hipsters dropped drinks in awe at his show, Gregg Gillis is the coolest kid of all. Observe!

Girl Talk – Knife remix: MP3

Girl Talk – Myspace


What better way to end a dance post than with a remix? The Ting Tings has been making waves on student radio and is a band I have been meaning to look into for a while now, upon one much-respected person's recommendation. Their breakout single Great DJ seems to work even better as a remix, which is done brilliantly (even if it's a little on the long side) by Calvin Harris. Expect more from Einstein on The Tings Tings in the near future, but for now check out this odd – but extremely promising – introduction to one band with a very bright future.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Real Indie Folk Hero

Hot news! Galesburg and Strange News have announced the return of Hayden. The indie folkster will be in New Zealand crafting his magic in both Auckland and Wellington later this March. Fresh from touring across Europe with The National and prior to touring the US with Feist, Hayden is ducking down under to pedal his fifth studio album In Field & Town.

If you are unfamiliar with Hayden then here is some background. Hayden Dresser hails from Toronto, Canada, and shares a record label with fellow Canadian songstress Basia Bulat. Since 1995 Hayden has released five full-length LPs, his latest In Field & Town, however, marks his return after a four-year absence. Critics worldwide have jumped all over it, The Onion proudly proclaiming that "his ragged, harrowing concoction of acoustic gentility and electric anarchy stands as a genre all its own".

Since 1995 Hayden has shown the world his exceptional talent as both a musician and songwriter. His folk ramblings and wavering falsetto have drawn comparisons to Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, allowing audiences young and old to appreciate his often-intimate performances.

Tickets are $25 plus booking fee from Slow Boat Records in Wellington and Real Groovy in Auckland.

Thursday March 27

East London Represent!

Monday, March 03, 2008

East London Represent!


With remixes for Kate Nash, Mystery Jets and Holy Fuck under their belts, Tape Deck is one hell of a mighty music machine. Making Love Is All sound like Björk leading an aerobics class in the 80s, injecting spastic life into Semifinalists and grime-ifying Klaxons into a stupefied robo-glam nintendo jazz stomp, they're totally thrilling and every bit worthy of the hype dumped on them, probably at least in part because of their totally sweet professional pictures and Ed Banger art. Word!

The Kate Nash remix below is genius – keeping Nash's pure voice prominent they underline it with sizzling synths and a deep rolling bassline, towing it along to another male vocal that backs it up every other verse. Very cool!

Tape Deck – Kate Nash remix: MP3

Tape Deck – Myspace


A fruitier, fresher Justice, freshly-squeezed and bursting with citrus energy, Run Hide Survive create chaos via blender and Casio PT-80.

Their Dyson Demo v1 is a heady and sweaty mix of dance rebellion, rubbing shoulders with Kitsune and Ed Banger's ilk to provide fun party good times! And the Lemond remix is equally funky with a heartfelt vocal tumbling down the bassline. Their other two tracks are of a similar order; a slightly more subdued remix of Bolt Action Five is just as enthralling even if it's a little slower.

Run Hide Survive – Myspace


Why someone would name themselves after this fashion house is beyond me, but Gucci Soundsystem do some sweet remixes. Though simple and not differing very far from the original, this is a welcome reprieve from the scores of remixes we are subjected to, that do the original no justice. Instead, laying down the odd fresh synth line, chopping up the beat a little, and keeping the most favourite qualities down pat – even though these may be slightly hidden they're appreciated. James Murphy's vocals stay in tact on LCD Gucci RMX, as does the chunky bassline. Added synth spatters near the end are awes, too. Check it out!

Gucci Soundsystem – Myspace


A productive and mutually beneficial friendship between Trent Reznor and Prince. Big Black and Les Savy Fav have popped in to just say hi and shit, but promise they are not staying long as they have a new album to promote, Les Savy Fav want to see the zoo later anyway and it shuts at five.

"No thanks Trent, Tim is off the Kool Aid for a while..."

Soreen is had and spirits are high. They discuss french house, Rob Zombie and John Carpenter's 'The Thing' at length, but Prince and Trent really need to get on with their music. Big Black and Les Savy Fav eventually depart, but Big Black realise they've left their glasses. Les Savy Fav are like "God damn it Steve" but it's cool- they'll pick them up tomorrow when they go round again 'cos Trent is watching his Lost dvds.

"No Trent, seriously he doesn't want any fucking Kool Aid. Leave it. Jesus Trent...

Any band that concocts such a detailed story about french house, Trent Reznor and Lost gets my vote. More post-punk than electro or grime, I accessed this band the same way, through a vein of Myspace top friends in that genre school. However these guys proved themselves to be most different of all, and the more I listen to them the more I absolutely LOVE them. Their posturing is obscene, the synth riffs obscure, but they'll get your legs kicking for sure!

Bolt Action Five – Standby: MP3

Bolt Action Five – Face of the Beast: MP3

Bolt Action Five – Myspace

The Terrordactyls

Saturday, March 01, 2008

...it's not just about teenage pregnancy

"If you loved Juno, you'll love The Terrordactyls"... according to the press release anyway. The Terrordactyls may not have featured on the movie soundtrack, but their twee, cutesy, indie pop shares Juno's sweet sarcastic charm. The back and forward, puppy dog-like playfulness between Michael Cadiz and Tyrel Stendahl has indie pop-bashfulness written all over it.

Having met in high school on the island of Vashon, the pair's relationship fluttered about through musical chemistry. That chemistry remained long after school broke forever, but their lives took them to different parts of America. The pair is now split between New York City and Washington, but somehow they find plenty of time to write and record.

The band's self-titled debut album is now available and features the Juno-fied hit "Devices", with Kimya Dawson (Moldy Peaches) on guest vocals. A super cute music video has also been released for the song, displaying his and hers talking scissors.

The entire album is packed with soft, melancholic, dandy pop tunes that'll pull your heartstrings in fourteen different directions. Individually, each song deals with a different human emotion, from broken friendships to young love in the 21st century. Whether hip or square, fans of Belle and Sebastian or Camera Obscura are likely to be left swooning around their teapots.

The Terrordactyls- Devices: MP3

The Terrordactyls- Fall: MP3

The Terrordactyls- Myspace

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