Gomez Tour Dates

Monday, February 26, 2007

Yes it's official, Gomez are coming to New Zealand. The Band announced three tour dates last week. Gomez will stop off in New Zealand after playing eight shows in Australia. The shows are bound to sell out real fast, so get in quick.
Tuesday April 17th- The Civic in Christchurch
Thursday April 19th- The San Francisco Bathhouse in Wellington
Friday April 20th- The Powerstation in Auckland

My Disco- Cancer: Review

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cancer; No this album wont slowly kill you, however you may become dizzy from nodding your head and dancing like an idiot. Cancer is the debut album from Australian indie rockers My Disco, the latest sensation to emerge from the Melbourne music machine.
From the opening notes of "Perfect Protection" My Disco will have you mesmerised, for the My Disco sound is unlike any other. Taking a minimalist approach to music, the band has an album unique within its genre. Through it’s jagged angular sounds, at times boarding on futuristic, the band teleport you to a whole new dimension within the musical sphere. Lead by the bass guitar of Liam Andrews, Cancer possesses the power to answer any critic questioning the current state of indie music. A highly recommended album from one of the most exciting bands of 2007. Remember the name, and remember this ain’t no ordinary disco album.

Charlie Ash vs Mysterious Tapeman

Monday, February 19, 2007

It's that time of year again, when the University students return and the town lights up. The best thing about this time of year is the gigs. It all starts this weekend and to kick things of Friday night sees two great bands going head to head. First we have Charlie Ash, the ex-pat Wellingtonians are returning to play Bar Bodega. The band are currently touring the country promoting their new EP. The gig is apparently free to those in attendance before 11pm.

Charlie Ash

The Mysterious Tapeman

Here's the dilemma, across town around the same time The Mysterious Tapeman is playing the San Francisco Bathhouse. As part of his European fundraiser tour Tapeman is joined by Berlins Bonaparte and other special guests. This gig is only $10. So there really aren't any excuses this Friday for all you students to get your first taste of live Wellington music. (Click on the links under each picture to get music samples)

  • Friday 23rd of February

    Charlie Ash with Mega Chain Gang and Tri/ Master/ Bate- Bar Bodega

    The Mysterious Tapeman with Bonaparte, Cortina and other guests- San Francisco Bathhouse

  • Batrider- Take Me Back (EP): Review

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Traced by the sound of Sonic Youth and Fugazi, Batrider are back. Easily mistakable as Sub-Pop, Seattle’s latest new hit, it comes as a pleasant surprise to know Batrider are a Kiwi group, raised in Wellington’s own Aro St. Take Me Back is a four track EP of the bands latest work, a quantric mixture of rhythm and feedback that grinds deep into the punch bowl of indie rock.
    Making the Batrider sound unique, and comparable to Sonic Youth, are the vocals of Sarah Mary Chadwick. Her gravelly voice brings intensity and disdain, overlaying an already haunting sound. As their first release since 2004’s debut LP They Said You’re Hideous, and their first since moving to Australia, Take Me Back shows the band can no longer be bypassed. The next few years could be big for Batrider; hopefully this is just the beginning.

    Shaky Hands(NZ) sued by Shaky Hands(US)

    Thursday, February 01, 2007

    Yes it's true! It has been publicly announced today that Portland, Oregon band Shaky Hands have filed a lawsuit against Wellington's own Shaky Hands, forcing the kiwi group to change their name. As of yet the reasons for the lawsuit are unclear, but clearly the American version must be threatened by the Kiwi version, who since signing an Australian record deal last year have gained in popularity. So from now own the band will be called 'Cut of your Hands'. Now honestly isn't this name silly, I'm sure we can think up a better name for the band than that. Any suggestions?

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