Shout Out Louds- Tonight I Have To Leave It: Video

Friday, March 30, 2007

Good news from the Shout Out Louds camp. Their second album Our Ill Wills produced by Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn and John is complete. The band will spend the year touring and have so far announced two London shows plus a heap of Swedish shows. The official release date is 25th of April in Sweden and international release dates will follow.
'Tonight I Have To Leave It' is the first single from the new album, and has been released along with a music video. Shot on a rainy Stockholm night, the video was shot by band member Ted and his brother Tom.

Shout Out Louds- Myspace

Charlie Ash- Can Can: Review

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

‘Blood Red Sleeve’ was one of my favourite singles of 2006 and it’s now available on CD. The single is one of four tracks included on the debut EP from Wellington’s Charlie Ash. At just over eleven minutes Can Can showcases one of New Zealand’s most exciting up and coming bands, contributing an exciting sound to an already prosperous New Zealand music scene. They call themselves Neo-Punk and delve in a mess of electronic post modern pop.
The first three tracks should by now be familiar to most hip kiwi ears. ‘Ah-Ha’ and ‘Blood Red Sleeve’ have already had plenty of radio play, both spending time in Radio Active’s Top 11. But it was ‘O’Baby’ that gained the most attention, spending six weeks in the Radioscope Top 10 and winning awards for it’s outstanding music video. Final track ‘Couldn’t. Couldn’t’ is just as good. But don’t just believe me, get out and hear it for yourself.

I also stumbled across this interesting review, I found it quite amusing. It proves reviewers can have very differing opinions. The Set

Charlie Ash- Blood Red Sleeve: MP3

Charlie Ash- Myspace

Urban Tramper

Friday, March 23, 2007

Every now and then you hear something you instantly fall in love with. This happened to me Monday night when listening to Radio Active's Indie Show. The band was Urban Tramper and the track was titled 'Sunsets on the Empty Carnival'. As I lay there in my bed I thought to myself, I have to post about this band.
Self professed Treeninja's, Urban Tramper are all about staying in touch with nature. They believe in preserving or great planet and observing it for it's natural beauty. This is reflected in their music, which is so melodic it soothes and calms your mind. The Wellington band have released two albums, 2004's To The Future On Foot and 2005's The Treeninja Always Gets Through. They are soon to release their third album titled Tokon And the Colours. It's not often I get this inspired by a band, so take a listen for yourself. More tracks are also available on their myspace page.

  • Campground Choir.mp3
  • Which One's More Floaty In The Head.mp3
  • Urban Tramper- Myspace
  • Voom- Beautiful Day: Video

    Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    This is the new Video from Auckland band Voom. It's the second single from their 2006 album Hello, Are You There. The band will again be touring New Zealand in late March with The Sneaks. Tour dates below.

    21st Mar- Voom w/ The Sneaks & The Undercurrents at Dux De Lux, Christchurch

    22nd Mar- Voom w/ The Sneaks & Hay Man at Arc Cafe, Dunedin

    23rd Mar- Voom w/ The Sneaks & Bachelorette at Wunderbar, Lyttleton

    24th Mar- Voom w/ The Sneaks & Peneloping at Mighty Mighty, Wellington

    29th Mar- Voom w/ The Sneaks & Kill Surf City at Schooner Tavern, Auckland

    30th Mar- Voom w/ The Sneaks, Phony Bone & Dynamo Go! at Ward Lane, Hamilton

  • Voom- Myspace
  • Love Of Diagrams- Mosaic: Review

    Sunday, March 18, 2007

    For a country whose most famous music icons read AC/DC and John Farnham, you’d be forgiven for laughing off most Aussie bands. However in recent months several Australian bands have burst on to the world stage, making many shut up and listen. Love Of Diagrams is the latest band to do just that, and while Mosaic isn’t their first album, it’s the first to grad many peoples attention.
    From Melbourne, Love Of Diagrams has joined another recent sensation My Disco, in creating disjointed angular rock. While both bands differ remarkably, it’s obvious a small Melbourne sound is starting to emerge. However more comparable to Sleater-Kinney, the Love Of Diagrams trio (two girls and a guy) can at times be mistaken for there American counter parts. So much so it steals much of the originality away from Mosaic. This aside, Mosaic is a well balanced album with no real low or highlights.
    Visit the bands Myspace page for a full list of upcoming US tour dates.

    Love Of Diagrams- Myspace
    Love Of Diagrams- Website

    You Say Party! We Say Die!- Lose All Time: Release Date

    Thursday, March 15, 2007

    Vancouver Natives You Say Party! We Say Die! have announced that the release date for their upcoming album has been pulled forward. The album titled Lose All Time will now be released on March 20th, the original release date was April 10th.
    If it's anything like 2006's Hit The Floor expect it to rock your socks off.

    You Say Party! We Say Die- Myspace

    You Say party! We Say Die!- Website

    Connan and the Mockasins- There Goes Tane: Video

    Saturday, March 10, 2007

    Here's the new Video from one of our favourite Wellington bands Connan and the Mockasins. The guys now reside in London and have been making a good name for themselves. They recently received a warm review by BBC Radio, and their single 'Sneaky Sneaky Dogfriend' sold out within hours of going on sale in Britain. This new track 'There Goes Tane' is yet to be released on record. Enjoy!

  • Previous Reviews- Connan and the Mockasins
  • Highway 2006 Revisited

    Monday, March 05, 2007

    Well it's now March 2007; while we are all talking bout the albums that have blown our minds so far this year, what of the albums from last year that are still high on all our playlists. Here's a list of albums from 2006 that I find myself still turning back too. After all, if an album's been on your playlist for this long, the chances are it's pretty good. For those albums I actually reviewed I'll through in a quote or two.

    Cansei de ser Sexy- CSS- My number 1 album of 2006 and still going strong. I don't think I'll ever be embarrassed to say I like Brazilian Pop.

    Reviewed on 15th September 2006.

    "With this much energy and sex appeal, CSS could be the band in everyones bedrooms this summer"
    And they were, their gig in early January had everyone adoring them. It even lead to me calling it the greatest gig I've ever attended.

    The Mint Chicks- Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!- These crazy Kiwis are still red hot. Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! remains my album of choice when ever I need something loud but happy. You can sing along to every song which makes it even better.

    Reviewed 1st September 2006

    "This albums gona be huge...will certainly win them some new fans"
    And they became huge. The Mint Chicks just played the Cuba Carnival Weekend and are set to tour the states in a few months time.

    Belle and Sebastian- The Life Pursuit- I honestly never thought I'd play this album as much as I have. But it's one I always turn back to, for some reason I always play it when nothing else in my collection seems to appeal. This makes it timeless, and I would say Belle and Sebastian are a band we will remember in 20/ 30 years time. I never reviewed this album, in fact I got it as a birthday present.

    The Be Good Tanyas- Hello Love- It's the cover (and hidden track) of Prince's 'When Doves Cry' that keeps me going back to this one. It's so beautiful, but then so is the entire album. I guess it gets played so much cose so few folk bands caught my attention last year.

    Reviewed 26th October 2006

    "Believe the hype, The Be Good Tanyas could insight a folk revolution"

    TV On The Radio- Return to Cookie Mountain- This album always survives the cut from my mp3 player. Nothing feels better than walking home in the rain listening to 'Wolf Like Me', 'Hours' or 'Dirtywhirl'. I never reviewed this album but like most people I would have given it a very good one. It deserved it's spot at the top of so many best of 2006 lists last December.

    Erase Errata- Nightlife- They lost a member and got straight to bussiness recording one of 2006's most ferocious albums. It's the driving guitar hooks and brutally honest lyrics that keep me glued to this album. It's currently my angry album, coming out when ever I need to let of steam.

    Reviewed 1st November 2006

    "One of the hardest hitting most chaotic albums this year"

    "...a band at the peak of their musical powers"

    Peter Bjorn and John- Writer's Block- They created that catchy song 'Young Folks' and got the attention of the radio stations (well the ones that matter). But it was the other tracks that got me hooked on Writer's Block. 'The Chills', 'Let's Call it Off' and 'Young Folks' were all in the independant top 10 charts at some stage last year.

    Reviewed 24th August 2006

    "...with a list of songs this good, Writer's Block could be on many people's 'Album of the Year' lists come December"

    The Rapture- Pieces Of The People We Love- This album was my first introduction to The Rapture, but it's since seen me telling a lot of people about them. With its ability to make you walk down the street swinging your hips and waving your arms it became an instant favourite. It kept me alert during my long driving excusions over summer and for that I'm very greatful.

    You Say Party, We Say Die- Hit The Floor- This album only just qualifies. Even though it was released in January 2006, I never discovered them fully until December. However I'd heard a lot of them on the radio throughout the year. It's the bands ability to make you feel so humble that appeals the most. I often find myself reminising the funniest things when listening to You Say Party, We Say Die. And oh I love their name!

    What are the albums your still spinning from last year? Don't be afraid to leave comments, the comments page won't bite.

    Wolf & Cub- Vessels: Review

    Friday, March 02, 2007

    "The best rock and roll is fearless"; so starts the promotional press release for Vessels, the debut album for Australia’s Wolf & Cub. Hailing from Adelaide the band offer a mixture of blues fused psychedelic shoegaze. In other words it’s rainy night music for the painfully alone. And not in a bad way, we all require some musical healing from time to time. But while you sit there nursing your broken heart, Wolf & Cub are plotting your recovery. Weather done deliberately or not, each track emerges more vibrant than its predecessor.
    So is Vessels a great achievement or not? Well the bands sound reigns superior over others within its sphere, think Serena Maneesh or Kasabian. They have secured a deal with a hot record label, with artists like M. Ward and Blonde Redhead on the cards, and toured with TV On The Radio and Death From Above 1979. So Yes, Vessels is a fine achievement. An epic adventure ready to be launched upon the world.

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