Architecture In Helsinki

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Architecture In New Zealand

Thanks Galesburg! Yep it's finally true, those wacky Aussies are coming to New Zealand for the first time ever. It will certainly be a date not to be missed. Whether you live in Auckland or Wellington, on Dec 13 and 14 you should be at either one of these shows. The tickets are apparently $35, a bargain really.

If you haven't heard Architecture In Helsinki before then here is a little heads up. The band were originally a three piece formed in the late 90's in small town Australia, growing to an eight piece in 2005 and now at six members. Known for their crazy stage antics, the band is built around the three core members Cameron Bird, Jamie Mildren and Sam Perry. Leaving the country lifestyle and settling in Melbourne saw the band take shape, musicians slowly entered the fray and after a few scratchy low key shows the band was officially launched. The band have evolved from a crafty mix of electronic, brass and indie-styled folk music into one of the most eccentric bands in the world.

Architecture In Helsinki create art that is so unique that it hits you right where you want it most. After three official releases and a remix album, they have become a band on many people's lips, shoes and hearts. They've just released their third album titled Places Like This and it is in my opinion the best Australian album of the year. Almost unrecognisable from some of their previous work the album was completed with Bird in New York, sending correspondence back to his band mates in Melbourne.

Check out the new video for 'Hold Music' from Places Like This

If the reports from fellow Aussie bloggers at Off The Record are anything to go by, it'll be more than a music show, it'll be a lesson in culture and what it means to be cool.

Architecture In Helsinki- Debbie: MP3

Architecture In Helsinki- Heart It Races: MP3

Architecture In Helsinki- The Cemetery: MP3

Architecture In Helsinki- Myspace


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