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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Is German For Attention

Cheerleaders for good music unite: An exciting, jarring and arresting listen from the get-go, Melbourne's My Disco have come up trumps with their sophomore album.

An amazing prog-punk/experimental/drone/minimalist rock band with elements of jazz and Die! Die! Die!-esque loops, My Disco are approximately five years old and hail from Melbourne. They put on an absolute killer live show and are as relentlessly, exhaustingly entertaining as they are technically proficient, which is sort of a hard combination to maintain, if you ask me. They're not really like any other band I've heard. They're probably the most exciting band you'll hear today. I hope. Because I really want them to succeed even more than they have done already and I really want to relive that glorious gig in 2006 at Hamilton's Ward Lane. Clambering for the ceiling in a sea of psyched-out Hamiltonians, the only relent was if the band paused between songs to have a sip of water.

The new album highlights these efforts; so layered and elaborate in attack, it is ice-cold and punchy to the core, with guitars threatening to sear through your ears. Fortunately this LP is just short enough to leave you wanting more, as I have read remarks of this abbrasive sound wearing thin on some people. But those people can't handle the truth!

Though abstract and alienating in delivery, they make up for it in the strength of their human elements. Reeking of desperation and desire, these traits shine through the foggy befuddlement of the tangents of twisted Wire-sounds, and automatically erases any inklings of pretension.

Hopefully the release of this, their epically awesome and intense sophomore album Paradise (out on Stomp/Numerical Thief and distributed in New Zealand by Rhythmethod), will see them embark on a trans-Tasman tour. After all, it's been a while since that infamous gig at Hamiltron's Ward Lane! But it sure was a good one. Welcome to Paradise... (sorry), and congratulations My Disco on an outstanding album!!!


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