Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday's Coffee

No amount of nature's nectar
can wake one as much as good HEALTH

Some people take their HEALTH too seriously. The "extremely pleasant noise" band (as Vice put it) is not 'going disco'; their forthcoming sophomore album just so happens to be named HEALTH//DISCO.

In keeping//with that forward///slash/trend,//HEALTH//have been previously//described as/encompassing////ethereal chanting/screeching noise/gauzy atmosphere/, and is most easily comparable to Liars, the most brutal of Animal Collective's work, and Black Dice (note: the latter Black Dice period, according to Dave Clifford from Fanatic Promotions). I think they just sound like a big rock falling into the ocean and hitting a few hundred squids along the way down to the murky ocean floor, where deep sea trawlers have devasted the population and it's like the apocalypse, or something.

HEALTH//DISCO, to be released on May 13, is a collection of remixes – a first, for the band. In an open letter to fans, they said: “This is not your typical remix album. Every artist on the record was hand-selected and contacted by us with the hope of combining our sounds and musical ideas with those of electronic artists we admire, several of them doing remixes for the first time. It is not about market saturation or crossover appeal. It is purely about the music, and we are proud of it. This is an album, and meant to be listened to as one. The goal of this record is not only to present all these songs at once, but also to ensure that they are not forgotten in the constantly updating, content hungry internet music world.” Here, here.

And in keeping with that tradition of continuous celebration, allow me to once again extend my unfaltering, everlasting love for Crystal Castles. Their fucked up beats drive most of my days, and I couldn't be happier for it. Thanks to them I became aware of HEALTH, and seeing the two collaborate together and then go on to do a massively successful tour of the states recently is just all too awesome. Listen to the tracks below (they're from their first album), if that coffee isn't quite giving you the kick you need. Though they're fairly slow and sombre in pace, they are unashamedly jarring and will kick your hangover out of your head, I swear!


At 4:33 am, April 20, 2008, Anonymous Din Glorious said...

They've definitely inspired some of us as well. These guys are the SASS.

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