Thought Creature (Live) Review

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thought Creature at MVP Bar, Wellington, Friday 27th October
MVP is the latest additon to the Wellington live scene. I didn't even know where it was before this gig, I had no idea what kind off characters would be inside. But I only have good things to report, while not to popular yet the place has some wicked potential and plays some wicked music (CSS was being played as we walked in).
To the live music; Thought Creature, a band I'd heard on the Radio Active's indie show and enjoyed a hell of a lot. This particular night was the last night of a four week reservation for the band at MVP. While not many people turned out (like thirty) the band rocked, winning much respect with the mainly hipster crowd. I'm now a huge fan, unfortunately the drummer informed me they have no gigs lined up for a while. When they do, I'd definately recommend checking them out.

The Be Good Tanyas- Hello Love: Review

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm back! Been off line for a few weeks, but I'm back with more reviews for those kind enough to read them.

Over the decades Canada has produced some of the finest folk musicians, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and recently The Be Good Tanyas. Since 2001 the Tanyas have been thrilling North American audiences with their blues laced country folk. Fans already include Emmylou Harris and the late Joe Strummer, who was so impressed by the girls he asked for their autographs. Hello Love is the trio’s latest instalment, a splendid album that will surely see more fans through the turnstiles.
Like their two previous albums, Hello Love balances original material with timeless classics, covering songs from John Hurt, Neil Young and Prince. And if that’s not impressive enough, Jolie Holland (a founding member of the Tanyas) again joins the girls for a cameo appearance on ‘Nobody Cares For Me’. There hasn’t been this much excitement surrounding a folk group for some time. Believe the hype, The Be Good Tanyas could insight a folk revolution.

iForward, Russia!- Give Me A Wall: Review

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I once had a debate with a friend who claimed numbers made more sense than words, judging by the track titles on iForward Russia!’s debut Give Me A Wall, they’d probably agree with him. I’m still not convinced, just confused as hell. I’m also not convinced iForward Russia!’s got the formula right here either.
Obvious comparisons can instantly be drawn to Bloc Party. The hooks, loops and intensity that made Bloc Party such sensations have been regurgitated, add in hardcore guitar riffs, thicker bass lines and 80’s glam vocals and it all changes quite drastically. With the exception of track 5 ‘Nineteen’, containing a synth line reminiscent of CSS’s ‘Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above’ and track 6 ‘Seventeen’ which peels back the heavy guitars to slip into something psychedelic, the album comes off sounding repetitive and boring.

Tomorrow Comes In Silence- The Calm That Lies Beneath: Review

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Auckland hardcore outfit Tomorrow Comes in Silence are on a bit of a role. After recently being added to the Taste of Chaos line-up they now have their debut EP to promote. Titled The Calm That Lies Beneath it is everything but; TCIS have created a tornado of sound, ripping to shreds any irony in the band or album title.
Since the bands formation in 2004 they have been slowly gaining momentum, working the Auckland live scene along side the likes of Cold by Winter and The Rabble. Their inclusion on the ‘Taste of Chaos’ bill could finally be TCIS’s chance to break free from the Auckland bubble. Sound wise the band differ little from many other’s in the hardcore genre, sticking to screaming vocals backed by fast aggressive guitars. However having seven members provides the freedom to textualise and layer their music, an area many other bands fail.

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