The Magic Numbers- Those the Brokes: Review

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Magic Numbers are back with album number two just over a year after releasing their debut. The Stodart and Gannon siblings have taken no time off, going back into the studio to continue on the flow which made The Magic Numbers such a hit. Those the Brokes sounds like just that, a continuation of harmonious melody, idyllic instrumentation and Spector-ish strings. Again they’ve managed to put a smiley face beside every song.
While it would be easy to dismiss Those the Brokes as more of the same, the patient listener should find it more balanced. Unlike their debut, it’s held together evenly by the placement of more upbeat, chirpy tracks towards the end of the album. While single ‘Take A Chance’ is an obvious highlight, its going to be the numbers humbleness that takes them to the top once again. There’s no doubt this album will be plucked from under the tree many times over this Christmas.

The Mint Chicks and The Tutts (Live) Review

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Mint Chicks and The Tutts, Saturday 11th November at the San Francisco Bathouse, Wellington

I tried writing a review of this gig today but honestly it was two weeks ago. The fact that I'm still raving about it means it must have been awesome. On their first visit to Wellington the Tutts were great, 'K' got the crowd swinging, singing and put everyone in an all round great mood. Surrounded by red light and smoke the Tutts showed the style that won them Julian Casablancas's praise.
The Mint Chicks then jumped about the stage and at one stage Kody Nielson even swung upside down from the roof. We all know how great their new album is, they played most of the new tracks starting with 'Ockhams Razor' and 'This Is Your Last Chance To Be Famous'. 'Welcome To Nowhere', 'She's Back On Crack' and my personal favourite 'Crazy? Yes!, Dumb? No!' were all belted out at an extreme pace. What more can I say this was one killer gig, all for only $17.

Die! Die! Die!- Locust Weeks: Review

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Locust Weeks is the new EP release from Dunedin's Die! Die Die!. Forget what you have heard before, these four new tracks are brilliant. '155' has been getting heaps of radio play and currently sits at 9th on the Independent radio charts. Recorded on Locust Street in New York City, the trio have found new inspiration pushing their sound into a experimental kaleidoscope where there are no half measures. There's only four tracks so it's over real fast, but it creates huge anticipation for a magnificent sophomore album.

Albert Hammond Jr.- Yours to Keep: Review

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yours to Keep is the first solo effort from Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. and he delivers brilliantly. Just as the Strokes were starting to tire, Hammond has broken away to explore his own song writing capabilities, experiencing life without boundaries. The result is a wonderful ‘Lennoneque’ creation of pop tunes and broken ballads.
But if your expecting an album of blistering guitar solos you may be a bit disappointed, only two tracks ‘In Transit’ and ‘101’ run with Strokes like guitar riffs. Instead Hammond offers a more basic lyrical orientated sound, drawing on famous New York influences like Lou Reed. ‘Blue Skies’ and ‘Hard to Live in the City’ clearly highlight Hammond’s upbringing in the great city.
Yours to Keep presents Albert Hammond Jr. as a man with his own vision, perhaps leaving the Strokes as a distant memory.

Erase Errata- Nightlife: Review

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

After the departure of guitarist Sarah Jaffe many thought it was over for Erase Errata. Fortunately it was a blessing, giving the San Francisco group a new lease on life and spawning their best album to date Nightlife. Toned down a little from their two previous albums, Nightlife sees them pushing in a new direction, confronting politics and the domination of rich America. You have to look no further than the track titles for clues, ‘Another Genius Idea From Our Government’ and ‘Tax Dollar’ are pretty self-explanatory.
Politics aside, the twelve songs on this album should satisfy the masses. Jenny Hoyston’s scorching guitar licks, Ellie Erickson’s bass and Bianca Sparta’s thundering drums make it one of the hardest hitting most chaotic albums this year. While it may take a few listens for old fans to grasp the new Erase Errata sound, they’ll soon realise the progression displays a band at the peak of their musical powers.

Erase Errata Touring New Zealand
Sat 25th November: San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington
Sun 26th November: The Schooner Tavern, Auckland

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