The B-52's

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Do All 16 Dances

After sixteen years, one of most influential new-wave bands of all time is back. The B-52's have re-emerged to prove they still have the goods to make everyone dance. Funplex, the bands new, exciting album, has been described by many critics as the band's best album since their ground breaking debut way back in 1979.

The original members have all returned, Katie Pierson and Cindy Wilson continuing to spread sweet harmonies, Fred Schneider again bouncing back and forwards with some rather silly splashed out lyrics and Keith Strickland finding more catchy guitar hooks to catapult the band into the 21st century. The synth-pop, dance-irific B-52's are back, sounding like it's been weeks rather than years since they last popped into the studio.

Funplex can not just be dismissed as 'nest-egg' album, the band have definitely made this because they want to shimmy and shake. "It's loud, sexy rock and roll with the beat pumped up to hot pink" says Strickland, who is the bands main songwriter. And like the B-52's of old, Funplex is full of dance floor anthems, "I had been listening to a lot of electronic dance music and early rock and roll. I was inspired to use these two aesthetics together with our own sound to make some shameless dance-floor party music" explains Strickland.

The B-52's will be forever remembered for their influence on alternative music, but while they have been away from the spotlight they have themselves been influenced. Leaving with a final quote from Schneider "Funplex sounds like us,'s the B-52's now- or fifteen years from now".

The B-52's- Hot Corner: MP3

The B-52's- Funplex: MP3

The B-52's- Myspace


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