Charlie Ash- Can Can: Review

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

‘Blood Red Sleeve’ was one of my favourite singles of 2006 and it’s now available on CD. The single is one of four tracks included on the debut EP from Wellington’s Charlie Ash. At just over eleven minutes Can Can showcases one of New Zealand’s most exciting up and coming bands, contributing an exciting sound to an already prosperous New Zealand music scene. They call themselves Neo-Punk and delve in a mess of electronic post modern pop.
The first three tracks should by now be familiar to most hip kiwi ears. ‘Ah-Ha’ and ‘Blood Red Sleeve’ have already had plenty of radio play, both spending time in Radio Active’s Top 11. But it was ‘O’Baby’ that gained the most attention, spending six weeks in the Radioscope Top 10 and winning awards for it’s outstanding music video. Final track ‘Couldn’t. Couldn’t’ is just as good. But don’t just believe me, get out and hear it for yourself.

I also stumbled across this interesting review, I found it quite amusing. It proves reviewers can have very differing opinions. The Set

Charlie Ash- Blood Red Sleeve: MP3

Charlie Ash- Myspace


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