Highway 2006 Revisited

Monday, March 05, 2007

Well it's now March 2007; while we are all talking bout the albums that have blown our minds so far this year, what of the albums from last year that are still high on all our playlists. Here's a list of albums from 2006 that I find myself still turning back too. After all, if an album's been on your playlist for this long, the chances are it's pretty good. For those albums I actually reviewed I'll through in a quote or two.

Cansei de ser Sexy- CSS- My number 1 album of 2006 and still going strong. I don't think I'll ever be embarrassed to say I like Brazilian Pop.

Reviewed on 15th September 2006.

"With this much energy and sex appeal, CSS could be the band in everyones bedrooms this summer"
And they were, their gig in early January had everyone adoring them. It even lead to me calling it the greatest gig I've ever attended.

The Mint Chicks- Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!- These crazy Kiwis are still red hot. Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! remains my album of choice when ever I need something loud but happy. You can sing along to every song which makes it even better.

Reviewed 1st September 2006

"This albums gona be huge...will certainly win them some new fans"
And they became huge. The Mint Chicks just played the Cuba Carnival Weekend and are set to tour the states in a few months time.

Belle and Sebastian- The Life Pursuit- I honestly never thought I'd play this album as much as I have. But it's one I always turn back to, for some reason I always play it when nothing else in my collection seems to appeal. This makes it timeless, and I would say Belle and Sebastian are a band we will remember in 20/ 30 years time. I never reviewed this album, in fact I got it as a birthday present.

The Be Good Tanyas- Hello Love- It's the cover (and hidden track) of Prince's 'When Doves Cry' that keeps me going back to this one. It's so beautiful, but then so is the entire album. I guess it gets played so much cose so few folk bands caught my attention last year.

Reviewed 26th October 2006

"Believe the hype, The Be Good Tanyas could insight a folk revolution"

TV On The Radio- Return to Cookie Mountain- This album always survives the cut from my mp3 player. Nothing feels better than walking home in the rain listening to 'Wolf Like Me', 'Hours' or 'Dirtywhirl'. I never reviewed this album but like most people I would have given it a very good one. It deserved it's spot at the top of so many best of 2006 lists last December.

Erase Errata- Nightlife- They lost a member and got straight to bussiness recording one of 2006's most ferocious albums. It's the driving guitar hooks and brutally honest lyrics that keep me glued to this album. It's currently my angry album, coming out when ever I need to let of steam.

Reviewed 1st November 2006

"One of the hardest hitting most chaotic albums this year"

"...a band at the peak of their musical powers"

Peter Bjorn and John- Writer's Block- They created that catchy song 'Young Folks' and got the attention of the radio stations (well the ones that matter). But it was the other tracks that got me hooked on Writer's Block. 'The Chills', 'Let's Call it Off' and 'Young Folks' were all in the independant top 10 charts at some stage last year.

Reviewed 24th August 2006

"...with a list of songs this good, Writer's Block could be on many people's 'Album of the Year' lists come December"

The Rapture- Pieces Of The People We Love- This album was my first introduction to The Rapture, but it's since seen me telling a lot of people about them. With its ability to make you walk down the street swinging your hips and waving your arms it became an instant favourite. It kept me alert during my long driving excusions over summer and for that I'm very greatful.

You Say Party, We Say Die- Hit The Floor- This album only just qualifies. Even though it was released in January 2006, I never discovered them fully until December. However I'd heard a lot of them on the radio throughout the year. It's the bands ability to make you feel so humble that appeals the most. I often find myself reminising the funniest things when listening to You Say Party, We Say Die. And oh I love their name!

What are the albums your still spinning from last year? Don't be afraid to leave comments, the comments page won't bite.


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