Love Of Diagrams- Mosaic: Review

Sunday, March 18, 2007

For a country whose most famous music icons read AC/DC and John Farnham, you’d be forgiven for laughing off most Aussie bands. However in recent months several Australian bands have burst on to the world stage, making many shut up and listen. Love Of Diagrams is the latest band to do just that, and while Mosaic isn’t their first album, it’s the first to grad many peoples attention.
From Melbourne, Love Of Diagrams has joined another recent sensation My Disco, in creating disjointed angular rock. While both bands differ remarkably, it’s obvious a small Melbourne sound is starting to emerge. However more comparable to Sleater-Kinney, the Love Of Diagrams trio (two girls and a guy) can at times be mistaken for there American counter parts. So much so it steals much of the originality away from Mosaic. This aside, Mosaic is a well balanced album with no real low or highlights.
Visit the bands Myspace page for a full list of upcoming US tour dates.

Love Of Diagrams- Myspace
Love Of Diagrams- Website


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