Wolf & Cub- Vessels: Review

Friday, March 02, 2007

"The best rock and roll is fearless"; so starts the promotional press release for Vessels, the debut album for Australia’s Wolf & Cub. Hailing from Adelaide the band offer a mixture of blues fused psychedelic shoegaze. In other words it’s rainy night music for the painfully alone. And not in a bad way, we all require some musical healing from time to time. But while you sit there nursing your broken heart, Wolf & Cub are plotting your recovery. Weather done deliberately or not, each track emerges more vibrant than its predecessor.
So is Vessels a great achievement or not? Well the bands sound reigns superior over others within its sphere, think Serena Maneesh or Kasabian. They have secured a deal with a hot record label, with artists like M. Ward and Blonde Redhead on the cards, and toured with TV On The Radio and Death From Above 1979. So Yes, Vessels is a fine achievement. An epic adventure ready to be launched upon the world.


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