Fuck Geography, Pt. 1

Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Dashel was an extra in
Things I Hate About You!"
There's so much good DIY Indie/Punk music pouring out of the proverbial gutters, I tried to create a cohesive, geographically-thematic post but it was just too hard. As I linked from band to band, I discovered that the certain kind of music I was seeking wasn't just focused in certain areas (I was intending the East Coast of the US) – it's all over the show! So from Seattle to San Fransisco to Nevada to Kansas, whatever. Here are some amazing bands that deserve your attention...

* * *

"my vagina is defected"
Their press release is so well-written one hardly needs to write their own prose about them, but then wouldn't that be shallow? TacocaT sparked my interest because of their novelty name but also because their lo-fi girl pop was played up by having one token "large American male", as they call him. The odd formation brings to mind CSS, but ultimately that silhouette is the only similarity between the two bands. TacocaT's fiery blend of sugar-coated fem-pop with smatterings of Nirvana, Fugazi and Bikini Kill will ignite a dance-a-thon in your parent's basement not unlike the first time you heard Nevermind. Listen to the "palindromic quintet from Seattle with members of The Trashies and Os Coyotes" on Myspace now! (Sorry I couldn't help but re-quote).

Check out Bike Party for super loud fun,
Peeps for cute sing-along grunge-pop
Uti for super gross/super awesome femme pop!

* * *

Thunder Thighs
"I may rock an eye patch...
when you're cruising space/ protecting the human race"
Sounding sort of like the band of skateboarders that tried to shoplift soul records for their girlfriends from the record shop in High Fidelity, Thunder Thighs are bristly punks with attitude. Though some of their songs border on 80s era untuned no wave, Glimerance has definite hints of Joy Division (whether they like it or not!) and there are some real standouts. If they keep up the noise they're making they're bound to get more attention!

Check out Take Back The Night & Skull Squadron!

Thunder Thighs– Myspace

* * *

Little Teeth
"I framed Mom and Daddy's handshakes..."
The lead singer always looks drunken and dishevelled, maybe as if she's been up all night writing ballads into her gin, but that's all a bit presumptuous of me. Perhaps she doesn't drink gin at all? Perhaps the music is more important than this anyway. Which it most definitley is! Little Teeth make some of the most intriguing music I've heard in a LONG TIME, and I was genuinely very surprised and impressed and a little bit scared of their music. A little bit folk, a little bit circus freak, a little bit horror, a little bit riot grrrl wail, the squonky, strange but utterly heartfelt balladry of Little Teeth is never dull but always intoxicating.

Check out Between My Ears for a Tegan And Sara-esque ballad or Sideways for a more hip hop flavoured Neutral Milk Hotel-esque quiet chaos!

Little Teeth– Myspace

* * *

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk
"Eek Shriek Beak!"
Part shoegaze, part Sonic Youth immersed in fuzz, part Radiohead in their early days, BBDDM defy expectation, demeanor, grandeur, definition... But they are really fucking good so you should give them a good listen!

Check out the wailing Helicopter Soup,
the Radiohead-esque Dry Depths and the
confoundingly good Panda Bear-esque Our Girls!
These guys are gonna be big someday...

* * *


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