East London Represent!

Monday, March 03, 2008

East London Represent!


With remixes for Kate Nash, Mystery Jets and Holy Fuck under their belts, Tape Deck is one hell of a mighty music machine. Making Love Is All sound like Björk leading an aerobics class in the 80s, injecting spastic life into Semifinalists and grime-ifying Klaxons into a stupefied robo-glam nintendo jazz stomp, they're totally thrilling and every bit worthy of the hype dumped on them, probably at least in part because of their totally sweet professional pictures and Ed Banger art. Word!

The Kate Nash remix below is genius – keeping Nash's pure voice prominent they underline it with sizzling synths and a deep rolling bassline, towing it along to another male vocal that backs it up every other verse. Very cool!

Tape Deck – Kate Nash remix: MP3

Tape Deck – Myspace


A fruitier, fresher Justice, freshly-squeezed and bursting with citrus energy, Run Hide Survive create chaos via blender and Casio PT-80.

Their Dyson Demo v1 is a heady and sweaty mix of dance rebellion, rubbing shoulders with Kitsune and Ed Banger's ilk to provide fun party good times! And the Lemond remix is equally funky with a heartfelt vocal tumbling down the bassline. Their other two tracks are of a similar order; a slightly more subdued remix of Bolt Action Five is just as enthralling even if it's a little slower.

Run Hide Survive – Myspace


Why someone would name themselves after this fashion house is beyond me, but Gucci Soundsystem do some sweet remixes. Though simple and not differing very far from the original, this is a welcome reprieve from the scores of remixes we are subjected to, that do the original no justice. Instead, laying down the odd fresh synth line, chopping up the beat a little, and keeping the most favourite qualities down pat – even though these may be slightly hidden they're appreciated. James Murphy's vocals stay in tact on LCD Gucci RMX, as does the chunky bassline. Added synth spatters near the end are awes, too. Check it out!

Gucci Soundsystem – Myspace


A productive and mutually beneficial friendship between Trent Reznor and Prince. Big Black and Les Savy Fav have popped in to just say hi and shit, but promise they are not staying long as they have a new album to promote, Les Savy Fav want to see the zoo later anyway and it shuts at five.

"No thanks Trent, Tim is off the Kool Aid for a while..."

Soreen is had and spirits are high. They discuss french house, Rob Zombie and John Carpenter's 'The Thing' at length, but Prince and Trent really need to get on with their music. Big Black and Les Savy Fav eventually depart, but Big Black realise they've left their glasses. Les Savy Fav are like "God damn it Steve" but it's cool- they'll pick them up tomorrow when they go round again 'cos Trent is watching his Lost dvds.

"No Trent, seriously he doesn't want any fucking Kool Aid. Leave it. Jesus Trent...

Any band that concocts such a detailed story about french house, Trent Reznor and Lost gets my vote. More post-punk than electro or grime, I accessed this band the same way, through a vein of Myspace top friends in that genre school. However these guys proved themselves to be most different of all, and the more I listen to them the more I absolutely LOVE them. Their posturing is obscene, the synth riffs obscure, but they'll get your legs kicking for sure!

Bolt Action Five – Standby: MP3

Bolt Action Five – Face of the Beast: MP3

Bolt Action Five – Myspace


At 6:33 PM, March 04, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was well educated with your Bolt Action Five write up. I hear so much about them from people in the UK yet haven't had a chance to explore their work yet. Bummer!

At 10:48 AM, March 05, 2008, Blogger So So Sarah said...

Thanks, bored housewife! Glad you liked the post. I find the more I listen to them the more they remind me of the likes of Art Brut mixed with The Faint and some 80s hair band! They're so awes.
Cheers for the comment!!

At 8:43 AM, March 31, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

adjective is awesome! There are a bunch of amazing bands coming out of this city right now. Also check out White Lung (all girl band that blows your mind live), and Petroleum Byproducts (2 girls+2 boys= weirdo, poppy, punk perfection).


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