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Friday, March 14, 2008

Scared Yet?
Music from the darkness

The Holy Kiss
The goths you see in the mall probably wouldn't like The Holy Kiss, but their appeal to the indie music connoisseur is undeniable. Their tight gothic rhythms and crystallised belts of dark shadowy post punk will be most appreciated if you're a fan of The Birthday Party or The Horrors.

The Holy Kiss- Black etc: MP3

The Holly Kiss- Myspace

Lipstick Terror
Hardcore synth horror music from Mexico. These guys are truly awesome! Their experimentation with screamo, synth based rock has lead them to SXSW, where they will most probably frighten the daylights out of many unsuspecting music critics. Even if you aren't a fan of hardcore music you should take a listen, the chemistry these guys create is electric.

Lipstick Terror- Myspace

The Creeping Nobodies
Not necessarily the scariest band, but the Toronto natives do have some pretty haunting characteristics. The vocals of Derek Westerholm combined with layers of distorted feedback give a sense of stormy weather; the type that makes you hide under the bed sheets late at night. The Creeping Nobodies can be described as a darker, denser version of bands like The Guest Bedroom or You Say Party! We say Die!

The Creeping Nobodies- The Sound of Joy: MP3

The Creeping Nobodies- Your Likeness: MP3

The Creeping Nobodies- Myspace

Insomniacs be warned, we have a band just for you. Adjective are a shock tactic, post punk band from Vancouver, Canada, and there's a chance they worship the devil. If you ever make a crazy art house horror film you should probably consider these guys for the soundtrack. Not only do the girls scream, the guitars do too.


At 6:13 PM, March 31, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

adjective is awesome! There are a bunch of amazing bands coming out of this city right now. Also check out White Lung (all girl band that blows your mind live), and Petroleum Byproducts (2 girls+2 boys= weirdo, poppy, punk perfection).

At 6:15 PM, March 31, 2008, Blogger Nick Fulton said...

Thanks dude, I have already checked out White Lung. In fact I nearly included them in this post.
I am checking out Petroleum by-products now, they sound pretty rad!


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