The Mint Chicks and The Tutts (Live) Review

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Mint Chicks and The Tutts, Saturday 11th November at the San Francisco Bathouse, Wellington

I tried writing a review of this gig today but honestly it was two weeks ago. The fact that I'm still raving about it means it must have been awesome. On their first visit to Wellington the Tutts were great, 'K' got the crowd swinging, singing and put everyone in an all round great mood. Surrounded by red light and smoke the Tutts showed the style that won them Julian Casablancas's praise.
The Mint Chicks then jumped about the stage and at one stage Kody Nielson even swung upside down from the roof. We all know how great their new album is, they played most of the new tracks starting with 'Ockhams Razor' and 'This Is Your Last Chance To Be Famous'. 'Welcome To Nowhere', 'She's Back On Crack' and my personal favourite 'Crazy? Yes!, Dumb? No!' were all belted out at an extreme pace. What more can I say this was one killer gig, all for only $17.


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