The Magic Numbers- Those the Brokes: Review

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Magic Numbers are back with album number two just over a year after releasing their debut. The Stodart and Gannon siblings have taken no time off, going back into the studio to continue on the flow which made The Magic Numbers such a hit. Those the Brokes sounds like just that, a continuation of harmonious melody, idyllic instrumentation and Spector-ish strings. Again they’ve managed to put a smiley face beside every song.
While it would be easy to dismiss Those the Brokes as more of the same, the patient listener should find it more balanced. Unlike their debut, it’s held together evenly by the placement of more upbeat, chirpy tracks towards the end of the album. While single ‘Take A Chance’ is an obvious highlight, its going to be the numbers humbleness that takes them to the top once again. There’s no doubt this album will be plucked from under the tree many times over this Christmas.


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