Erase Errata- Nightlife: Review

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

After the departure of guitarist Sarah Jaffe many thought it was over for Erase Errata. Fortunately it was a blessing, giving the San Francisco group a new lease on life and spawning their best album to date Nightlife. Toned down a little from their two previous albums, Nightlife sees them pushing in a new direction, confronting politics and the domination of rich America. You have to look no further than the track titles for clues, ‘Another Genius Idea From Our Government’ and ‘Tax Dollar’ are pretty self-explanatory.
Politics aside, the twelve songs on this album should satisfy the masses. Jenny Hoyston’s scorching guitar licks, Ellie Erickson’s bass and Bianca Sparta’s thundering drums make it one of the hardest hitting most chaotic albums this year. While it may take a few listens for old fans to grasp the new Erase Errata sound, they’ll soon realise the progression displays a band at the peak of their musical powers.

Erase Errata Touring New Zealand
Sat 25th November: San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington
Sun 26th November: The Schooner Tavern, Auckland


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