The Be Good Tanyas- Hello Love: Review

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm back! Been off line for a few weeks, but I'm back with more reviews for those kind enough to read them.

Over the decades Canada has produced some of the finest folk musicians, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and recently The Be Good Tanyas. Since 2001 the Tanyas have been thrilling North American audiences with their blues laced country folk. Fans already include Emmylou Harris and the late Joe Strummer, who was so impressed by the girls he asked for their autographs. Hello Love is the trio’s latest instalment, a splendid album that will surely see more fans through the turnstiles.
Like their two previous albums, Hello Love balances original material with timeless classics, covering songs from John Hurt, Neil Young and Prince. And if that’s not impressive enough, Jolie Holland (a founding member of the Tanyas) again joins the girls for a cameo appearance on ‘Nobody Cares For Me’. There hasn’t been this much excitement surrounding a folk group for some time. Believe the hype, The Be Good Tanyas could insight a folk revolution.


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