Tomorrow Comes In Silence- The Calm That Lies Beneath: Review

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Auckland hardcore outfit Tomorrow Comes in Silence are on a bit of a role. After recently being added to the Taste of Chaos line-up they now have their debut EP to promote. Titled The Calm That Lies Beneath it is everything but; TCIS have created a tornado of sound, ripping to shreds any irony in the band or album title.
Since the bands formation in 2004 they have been slowly gaining momentum, working the Auckland live scene along side the likes of Cold by Winter and The Rabble. Their inclusion on the ‘Taste of Chaos’ bill could finally be TCIS’s chance to break free from the Auckland bubble. Sound wise the band differ little from many other’s in the hardcore genre, sticking to screaming vocals backed by fast aggressive guitars. However having seven members provides the freedom to textualise and layer their music, an area many other bands fail.


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