Thought Creature (Live) Review

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thought Creature at MVP Bar, Wellington, Friday 27th October
MVP is the latest additon to the Wellington live scene. I didn't even know where it was before this gig, I had no idea what kind off characters would be inside. But I only have good things to report, while not to popular yet the place has some wicked potential and plays some wicked music (CSS was being played as we walked in).
To the live music; Thought Creature, a band I'd heard on the Radio Active's indie show and enjoyed a hell of a lot. This particular night was the last night of a four week reservation for the band at MVP. While not many people turned out (like thirty) the band rocked, winning much respect with the mainly hipster crowd. I'm now a huge fan, unfortunately the drummer informed me they have no gigs lined up for a while. When they do, I'd definately recommend checking them out.


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