Batrider- Take Me Back (EP): Review

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Traced by the sound of Sonic Youth and Fugazi, Batrider are back. Easily mistakable as Sub-Pop, Seattle’s latest new hit, it comes as a pleasant surprise to know Batrider are a Kiwi group, raised in Wellington’s own Aro St. Take Me Back is a four track EP of the bands latest work, a quantric mixture of rhythm and feedback that grinds deep into the punch bowl of indie rock.
Making the Batrider sound unique, and comparable to Sonic Youth, are the vocals of Sarah Mary Chadwick. Her gravelly voice brings intensity and disdain, overlaying an already haunting sound. As their first release since 2004’s debut LP They Said You’re Hideous, and their first since moving to Australia, Take Me Back shows the band can no longer be bypassed. The next few years could be big for Batrider; hopefully this is just the beginning.


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