My Disco- Cancer: Review

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cancer; No this album wont slowly kill you, however you may become dizzy from nodding your head and dancing like an idiot. Cancer is the debut album from Australian indie rockers My Disco, the latest sensation to emerge from the Melbourne music machine.
From the opening notes of "Perfect Protection" My Disco will have you mesmerised, for the My Disco sound is unlike any other. Taking a minimalist approach to music, the band has an album unique within its genre. Through it’s jagged angular sounds, at times boarding on futuristic, the band teleport you to a whole new dimension within the musical sphere. Lead by the bass guitar of Liam Andrews, Cancer possesses the power to answer any critic questioning the current state of indie music. A highly recommended album from one of the most exciting bands of 2007. Remember the name, and remember this ain’t no ordinary disco album.


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