Thursday, April 03, 2008

Close Your Starry Little Eyes
Soundpool is a five-piece shoegaze band based out of New York City. Their music can be described simply as dream pop, pulled together with saturated guitars, sweet girlie vocals, lush synth arrangements, and set to a backdrop of self produced psychedelic effects.

Formed in 2005, Soundpool’s achievements on the shoegaze circuit have passed by relatively unnoticed in New Zealand. That aside, their chart topping debut record On High, released in late 2006, gained a cult following and received extensive airplay on alternative radio stations throughout North America.

Their recently released sophomore album, titled Dichotomies & Dreamland, sees the band continue their work as a cult shoegaze band, with sharp, whimsical dreamy rhythms, laid over a danceable foundation of keys and drums. Keeping to a formula firmly cementing them in the shoegaze genre, Soundpool don’t offer much to convert new fans. But for fans of ethereal, densely layered noise pop, Soundpool do demand attention.

Soundpool- The Divides of March: MP3

Soundpool- Pleasure & Pain: MP3

Soundpool- Myspace


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