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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The miniaturization sequence in “Innerspace”

Detroit, the city famous for The Stooges and the MC5, has again spawned another great band. Child Bite is an experimental, no wave, post punk outfit who's unafraid of being abrasive and comes backed by one of music's most famous legacies. It's official! PUNK is still alive and well in the motor city.

Their nervous, disjointed guitar rhythm is the driving force that attracts me to Child Bite. While obvious comparisons can be drawn to ¡Forward, Russia! (a band that I find quite unassertive), it's the attention-grabbing, angular rhythm section and smooth vocal melody that gives Child Bite some sensibility.

The band's debut LP Wild Feast was released in late 2006 to a limited audience in North America; one reviewer describing it as "spastic sped-up funk". Their second record, titled Fantastic Gusts of Blood, is to be released in the coming months. Mastered by Roger Seibel, who's also worked with Modest Mouse and Tortoise; it concentrates more on No Wave guitar-driven rock, with the funk substituted for a bouncier, bone-crunching dance beat. Fans abroad of Devo or Block Party should have no problem being comfortable in the company of Child Bite's angular, disjointed melody.

Child Bite- Banana Gordon: MP3

Child Bite- I Like Friends: MP3

Child Bite- Myspace


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