Sharpie Crows

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Once Bastard Sons, Now Sharpie Crows

What started as a quick post on The Bastard Sons of Grey Power has now become a post on Sharpie Crows. I wish they could have told me they'd changed their name, it would have saved me twenty minutes searching myspace.

A few weeks ago, Sam, the postman at my work, dropped his bands LP on my desk. I've always been interested by Sam's music; it intrigues me how such a shy person on the surface, can write and perform such passionate, black comedic songs. There are a few songs on We Fought the Great White Whale that have really hit a chord with me. Hearing someone insulting Rupert Murdoch so passionately is so inspiring, "Rupert Murdoch, fuck off". I'm not really sure what 'Fiji Ginger' is about (maybe I should ask Sam), but I can't help but listen for the reference to Frank Bainimarama.

I've always wondered why this band has never gained more attention. Despite having tracks played on both Radio Active in Wellington and bFM in Auckland, they are still relatively unknown on the local scene. Maybe the name put a few people off, but should that really matter? They put on a wicked live show and are indeed one my favourite local bands.

Bastard Sons of Grey Power on Einstein


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