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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New From A Low Hum

Cloudberry Records may be one of the coolest record labels in America...but here in New Zealand we have something just as awesome; A Low Hum (we love you!) Ian Jorgensen aka Blink, the man behind almost everything cool in this country's music scene, has just announced his latest signing. Secret Knives is the label's third signing, joining Disasteradio and The Enright House. In an example of Blink's generosity, we have been given a free advanced download.

We can report that the Secret Knives are super duper fantastic, channeling cleanly-driven guitar rock with a hint of electronics. The result is smooth and sombre, bordering on romantic but with a mysterious, intriguing quality. Fans of Death Cab for Cutie and Over the Atlantic should delight in Secret Knives' catchy, idyllic, indie lashings.

With Blink's permission we can allow you to download two tracks, both from the upcoming seven-track EP The Wolves. The full EP will be released on March 1 as a free digital download from

We can all show our support for A Low Hum by going along to two gigs this weekend, one in Auckland and one in Wellington. Organised as Camp A Low Hum fundraisers, the gigs are to help pay for damage done during this year's four-day event.

Secret Knives- The Wolves: MP3

Secret Knives- The Skeleton: MP3

Secret Knives- Myspace


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