Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Vision for Kittens

Expansive, adventurous fantasy-pop band MGMT have a sound as ecclectic as their name. Layers of shoegaze fuzz and glam, understated, 80s vocals have a sedative effect as the drums click and clack through the synthetic symphony they create.

The boys, Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, purportedly take influence from "the implications of the hallucinatory power-twee of the Incredible String Band, the roaring subway minimalist electronica of Suicide, the silky pop-soul of Hall & Oates, the pulsing narcotic trance of Spacemen 3, the avant-garde industrial romanticism of Royal Trux and much more" – we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

They say on their bio: "We were trying to be obnoxious and somehow people got into it. Some songs we wrote just because we wanted to learn how to be really bad within a certain genre and then people started liking the song because they liked the genre. It was an accident that people started liking us."

Now their rising profile has seen them signed to Columbia, after initially being released by fans who created a label (Cantora Records) for their first, six-song EP, Time To Pretend. With a bevy of upcoming tour dates and mentions on such high profile blogs as Nylon magazine's Spacey Tracy, its just a matter of time before the general public catches on.

Their glistening early-Stones nostalgia on 'Weekend Wars' competes with a Beatles cadence and rocketing synth in the vein of Edgar Winter Group, in a bittersweet journey through space and time. And the bio makes the boys behind the music equally as interesting:

"Kids are going to be inheriting their parents MP3 collections," Ben predicts. "And, in that aesthetic, corrupted MP3 files will be like the way people glorify scratched-up records now. In 20 years, people will listen to these 30th generation MP3s and say, 'I love that sound!'"

Their latest video sure shows other designers a thing or two (hundred), and makes me want to surf through a rainbow, fight giant cats with archery and compete in a drum battle with a rubix cube head – all at once!

MGMT- Time To Pretend: VIDEO


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