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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nothing Matters When We're Dancing!
Keeping itsy-bitsy indie community spirit alive, the Miami, Florida-based Cloudberry Records has taken to releasing some great underground music from around the world. Our very own Gladeyes are one of the lucky bunch to have three of their beautiful pop ditties put on 3-inch CDR, gatefold and hand-numbered to 100 copies. Their Die! Die! Die! cover is amazing!

The Gladeyes – From The Prospect Palace Practice Tapes (Cloudberry # 71)
The Gladeyes – Shyness Will Get You Nowhere (cover of Die! Die! Die!): MP3

Open the alluring black and white cardboard cover and you'll see a neat transformation within the window pictured there. It's just one of many gems.

The Pristines – The Pristines EP (Cloudberry #59)
The Pristines – Numb: MP3

While many have sold out, Cloudberry's popularity is only growing, so jump in quick if something tickles your fancy, cos soon they may all be gone.

The Occasional Flickers – Cloudberry EP (Cloudberry #70)
The Occasional Flickers – When the Sky Looks So Gray: MP3

Komon is by far my favourite – sounding kind of like Golden Axe vs The Gladeyes, their heavily sunbleached electro pop washed up on the rocks, with pop-rocks on the tongue of the sugary sweet singer – it's glorious drum-fill style girl-sing-along!

Komon – Punk EP (Cloudberry #56)
Komon – I Made New Friends: MP3

Featuring also fanzines and t-shirts with the label's dusty logo (see above), it's a charming wee site. They describe themselves as an "indiepop label purveying the sound of jangly guitars".

Afternoon Naps – Can't Stop the Weather (Cloudberry #72)
Afternoon Naps – Can't Stop The Weather: MP3

A tight as nails release schedule keeps everyone in check: singles are released on the 1st, 15th and 21st of every month.

Indurain – Cloudberry EP (Cloudberry 31) SOLD OUT!
Indurain – Hornstull Cinema: MP3

Stating their ethos, as if you needed anything else to push you over the edge into straight-out, unabashed swooning, they state their beliefs:

Cloudberry believes in
+ unrequited love
+ systems of resistance
+ sense of community
+ DIY ethics
+ international socialism

Oh worddd. Check out the rest of the sweet bands that are on the label. With adorable plastic zip-seal bags and a little picture of the flags of the bands' countries of origin on the back cover, they're so so cute and will make CDR collectors go "squee!".

Cloudberry Records – Website


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I agree...I really like that Komon track. In fairness, it offers nothing new, but it does sound lovely!

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