Be Your Own Pet

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Be your own Pet are BACK!!! Their sophomore album is set for release in March and contains more pussy killing, tongue poking, and dirty, raunchy punk rock. Jonas, John, Jemina and Nathan's music is true punk; angry, uncontained and spitting in the face of the establishment. Forget all the post punk bands you have heard over the past few years (except the Mint Chicks), because nothing, NOTHING compares to Be Your Own Pet!

The band has described making Get Awkward as a nervous experience, but one that saw them mature greatly. Writing and recording Get Awkward was the first time the band had done it from scratch. Previous releases contain songs written and performed live long before they were put down in the studio. It allowed the band to be more open and honest about things when recording Get Awkward, resulting in a more structurally sound final cut. And while the rudeness has remained, each song is a little tighter and harder to interpret first time around.

You should still expect to be shocked by this album, Jemina may look pretty innocent but she's still prepared to claw your eyes out and scream at the top of her voice 'GET FUCKED'. Likewise Jonas's guitar gives x-ray specs like bondage, belting out 'Up-Yours'. Fast, furious and as confrontational as their first, Get Awkward is one of the most honest punk albums of 2008.

Be Your Own Pet- Food Fight: MP3

Be Your Own Pet- The Kelley Affair: MP3

Be Your Own Pet- Black Hole: MP3

Be Your Own Pet- Myspace


At 3:54 PM, February 16, 2008, Blogger Autistk said...

Get Awkward rules. If Becky (locomotion homage?) doesn't end up being a huge single, then... well I spose I won't be surprised, but goddamn it's good. BYOP was one of my favourite records of 06, and thankfully Get Awkward isn't a let down.

why the hell are record companies still insisting on sitting on finished albums for months and months though? ridiculous.

At 2:49 AM, February 18, 2008, Anonymous Charlie said...

I love BYOP but i have to say im a tad sad with the new album.. the wild punk style of both the music and lyrics was what made the first album great, and i think im not really into the new polished, 'mature' sound? Some of Jemima's lyrics seem a bit silly and cliched to me.. and i just feel like everythings been toned down. i liked "im an independent mutherfucker here to take your money and steal away your virginity" etc more than chants of "lunchtimes here hotdog mustard om your hair, Food fight!!"
but be your own pet still eat embrace for breakfast

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