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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Arctic Wombats

Well maybe that's a bit harsh... but some of you liked the Arctic Monkeys right? The Wombats are the new British hype band, and with a twang and wit somewhat similar to their Sheffield countrymen no one can ignore comparisons between the two. The Wombats' claim to music however comes from attending Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and growing up near Strawberry Fields. The band even played their early gigs at the Cavern Club. So with Beatlemania tags in the back of their T-shirts... Liverpool presents The Wombats.

Formed in 2003 after meeting at the aforementioned LIPA, Matthew Murphy and Dan Haggis knocked around for a month or two before nabbing Norwegian Tord Knudsen to play bass. Another guitarist briefly entered The Wombat den but was quickly shuffled out through lack of necessity. All this took place so long ago, so why in 2008 are we finally talking about them? The answer is because the trio never really took themselves seriously – initially a joke act, they would burst into uncontrollable screaming mid song and laugh about it backstage afterward.

It's been a long, eventful path to their current state of mind and along the way the band have adopted several different ways of performing. Ranging from a cappella intros to stand up comedy between songs, it's been wacky, weird and wonderful but now it's just jokingly serious.

After supporting both the Kaiser Chiefs and Babyshambles in 2006, the band picked up a record deal with 14th Floor Records. Finally in 2007 the band's heartfelt ambitions came true and in November they released their debut album titled A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation. Leaving the playful a cappella days behind, Loss & Desperation's wit and intelligence brings Murphy's songwriting into the spotlight. They may not win the Mercury Prize but kids will dance and surely that counts for something.

The Wombats- Little Miss Pipedream: MP3

The Wombats- Let's Dance To Joy Division: MP3

The Wombats- Dr Suzzane Mattox PHD: MP3

The Wombats- School Uniforms: MP3

The Wombats- Myspace


At 2:28 AM, February 01, 2008, Anonymous weazle said...

Aside from being british and playing catchy music, these guys don't share much in common with arctic monkeys i don't reckon.

the monkeys are on a totally different level of musicianship and songwriting. these guys write some pretty good pop songs, but the arctic monkeys write songs with a lot more depth, far better lyrics and just far better everything really.


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