Gay Against You

Friday, January 11, 2008

Gay Against U2

Sugary-sweet powerade-pop-core Gay Against You are one of those bands that give you a mega fright whenever their songs creep on unexpectedly on your computer. And not in the usual "oh, it's some music" kinda fright, more like "OMG IT'S THE CRAZIEST MUSIC I'VE EVER HEARD!?!?!?!" type. Just listen to Tripol Shipol and you will understand; they really are just really really really really really (really) crazy.

Employing the Unicorns' cute naivety and Crystal Castles' spastic synthtastic squabbling, Gay Against You are so far from convention that they should form their own one, and label it AWESOME!

With their later material veering into the realms of more sparse and considered experimental electro, the freaky sounding duo are mixing it up even more than ever thought possible. Best about them is probably their unpredictability, followed closely by the epic intensity of their sound. So many layers of chopped-up and sped-up samples, mish-mashed with hungry vocals teetering on the brink of discordance (and sanity).

(Is it just me or do they look like they're levitating?)

Check out the MP3s below and stream their new single Glorious Dawn on Myspace. Speedcore oldie Gay Unicorn was one of the reasons I even bothered to click on them in the first place. Best speedcore-electropop this side of the universe!

Gay Against You- Triple Shipol: MP3

Gay Against You- Gay Unicorn: MP3

Gay Against You- Sooo Heat: MP3

Gay Against You- Myspace


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At 11:30 AM, January 15, 2008, Blogger So So Sarah said...

Thank you Crescenet! We'll check it out :)

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