Fighting The Shakes

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Autistic Mayhem: Spinning Around Is Not A Hangover Cure

Fighting The Shakes have fast become one of Wellington's most popular bands, and in doing so have achieved goals far beyond any of the band members original expectations. Starting out as a four piece in 2005, Jayesh Ravla (guitars/vocals) and Chetan Parbhu (drums/vocals) quickly became disgruntled with the bands direction. After discarding much of the original material written for FTS, the pair drafted in Hadley Donaldson to play bass and started fresh.

The popularity of Fighting The Shakes quickly became apparent when several big name New Zealand bands (Die! Die! Die!, Cut Of Your Hands) personally requested they play support when touring throughout the country. For the trio who had only previously dreamed of playing with such bands it came as a great honour. But while fellow bands recognised FTS ability, the public and press ear somehow missed out. FTS actually played support in three of the top ten live gigs voted by Groove Guide magazine in 2006, however they were not mentioned once.

Next week you can witness FTS supporting top overseas act Bang! Bang! Aids!, details of the gig can be seen at the top of this post. The poster is drawn and designed by Hadley who is also one the country's leading graphic artists. He works under the name Autistk and has drawn up posters for a number of international gigs, including The Gossip, The National and The Shins.

Backing up the bands live performance is an EP titled All My Friends Are Electric. Released mid-way through 2006, the EP contains six solid tracks of bone crunching angular post punk goodness. A recommended listen for fans of Fugazi and the aforementioned Bang! Bang! Aids! and Die! Die! Die!.

Fighting The Shakes- People Would Say: MP3

Fighting The Shakes- This Is The Trick: MP3

Fighting The Shakes- Shuffle The Deck: MP3

Fighting The Shakes- Myspace


At 10:34 pm, January 15, 2008, Blogger Fighting The Shakes said...

Thanks for writing about us Nick! In addition to the post, we're due to release some new songs really soon, some they'll go up on our Myspace sometime in thenext fortnight I'd day.

Also, just got a re-press of the EP back today. First run sold out a lot quicker than we'd expected, and we managed to secure sweet distribution, so the EP should be available in most record stores. As well a bit cheaper at shows/Camp etc etc.

and a leading graphic designer?! shucks, I dunno about that, but hey, i'll take it! for the curious.. or my blog linked off here.

so ends me whoring myself a little more. thanks again Nick!

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