Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Punk rules, Pop is cool!

Catcall first grabbed my attention when Off The Record wrote about her last year. It's taken till now for me to post on her but it comes at quite an appropriate time. Catherine Kelleher aka Catcall's debut EP Anniversary is about to be released in February and we have a wee sneak preview for you.

Kelleher takes the soft core side of hip hop, cycles it with Robynesque pop coolness and turns out a fabulous blend of ambient dancecore hip hop. It all seems so different from her early days in the punk band Kiosk, but god, WHO CARES! Her fashion style rates pretty highly as well, just go to her myspace pics to see more.

Her popularity is growing quickly and to prove this she has just played support for Crystal Castles, Dan Deacon and The Gossip during recent Australian tours. Now it's time for Catcall to prance on her own, and with Anniversary in her inside pocket bets are before long she'll be all over indie radio. 'Chicky Babe' and 'August' are from Anniversary, 'Drama and Games' is an older track but remains my favourite.

Catcall- Chicky Babe: MP3

Catcall- August: MP3

Catcall- Drama and Games: MP3

Catcall- Myspace


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