Top 15 Albums of 2007- Part 2

Monday, December 10, 2007

Top 15 Albums of 2007
Voted by New Zealand's finest Indie Musicians

10: Bjork- Volta

Bjork- Hope: MP3

Bjork- Innocence: MP3

Voted by: Connan and the Mockasins, Teacups and The Stomps

9: Of Montreal- Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?

Of Montreal- She's A Rejector: MP3

Of Montreal- Faberge Falls For Shuggie: MP3

Voted by: Dictaphone Blues, Ed Muzik and Peneloping

8: Battles- Mirrored

Battles- Atlas: MP3

Battles- Ddiamondd: MP3

Voted by: The Wicks, Thought Creature and The Hungry Caterpillar

7: Liam Finn- I'll Be Lightning

Liam Finn- Second Chance: MP3

Liam Finn- Wide Awake On The Voyage Home: MP3

Voted by: Bang! Bang! Eche!, Charlette Hannah and Insurgents

6: M.I.A- Kala

M.I.A- Bamboo Banga: MP3

M.I.A- Paper Planes: MP3

Voted by: The Mint Chicks, Batrider and Tiger Tones


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