The Lisps

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Can you please repeat that?

The Lisps were the first band I fell in love with in 2007. Their quirky playfulness and lyrical conjunctivitis forced me to explore the Brooklyn music scene (on Myspace), and led to the discovery of so many great bands. I've been so inspired by the music that I'm now making plans to move to Brooklyn for a short stint next year. Before I write anymore; THANK YOU Lisps!

Just last week I found out The Lisps have their debut album set, polished, and ready for release. I then found an exclusive release of four new tracks on Pop Tarts Suck Toasted. The official release date is January 5, so these tracks are super early and only help to add to the excitement of an already super hyped band. The band's debut EP, The Vain, the Modest and the Dead is so good it was included in my top 10 releases of 2007 which I submitted to Grove Guide magazine this week.

Titled Country Doctor Museum, the upcoming album sounds likely to carry on from where The Vain, the Modest and the Dead left off. Sammy Tunis and C├ęsar Alvarez bounce vocals back and forward in typical conversational fashion, contradicting and complementing each other with a loose but uncontrived wit. 'Chaos' and 'The Familiar Drunk' sound like festive improvised sing-alongs and contrast perfectly with the boundless melody of 'Brackish Water' and 'I'm Sorry'.

The Lisps are a performance band of due quality and endless cute smiles. When I move to Brooklyn I'm going to frequent Joe's Pub and take my girlfriend to all of The Lisps' gigs. Oh Lisps, you are so dreamy, look what you have made me write.

The Lisps- Brackish Water: MP3

The Lisps- I'm Sorry: MP3

The Lisps- Chaos: MP3

The Lisps- Myspace


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