Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tom Cruise's Favourite Band

On November 5 Cowtown's debut record Pine Cone Express was delivered to Jon Nash's house. You can buy it from the band's myspace page using Paypal.

From Leeds in the British North, Cowtown have come crashing into us with chaotic post punk, electro grunge that's crazy enough to bend street signs and loud enough to bring noise control knocking. Bleeps and squeals from electrified guitars and keyboards strike a dominant force, and stand tall as the focal point to Cowtown's sporadic, psychosomatic sound.

Reading other reviews of Pine Cone Express, it's worth mentioning the positive vibes the band is giving off. Subba Cultcha wrote "26 minutes of the most energetic sonic splurge squeezed into 12 songs, fantastic!". Drowned in Sound writes "a relentlessly refreshing sugar-soaked high."

While Cowtown's spiky, angular sound has been compared to Devo and Deerhoof, I can't help but think that when the Mint Chicks become a three piece they may produce something similar. We greatly anticipate more than '2010'.

Cowtown- Part Man, Part Machine, All Cop: MP3

Cowtown- Curtis Tigers!: MP3

Cowtown- Myspace


At 12:08 AM, December 26, 2007, Anonymous Charlie said...

They seem quite insane. But in a good way! Like in the mint chicks way! Although they didnt tickle my fancy quite as much. High five though einstein!


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