Panda Riot

Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Like My Bloody Valentine with break beats"

Panda Riot is the creation of Chicago natives Brian Cook and Rebecca Scott. The pair meet in 2005 while working on a galatictly delightful short film set. Inspired by dreamy imagery and blissful underwater scenery, the pair made an executive decision to alter their career paths and start a band. With co-operation from an ever so willing drum machine, the swirl-pop, sonar rock lovers soon gave birth to Panda Riot.

Drawing influences from My Bloody Valentine, Portishead and The Swirlies the pair worked hard to alter their sound to create their own eclectic niche. Fitting comfortably under the shoegaze bracket, but not entirely fixed to the floor, Panda Riot explore the depths extracting an acute textural layer. Scott's wavering vocal sensitivity, stands nicely blended into bleeps and fuzz, wafting effortlessly as each song slides along inside a cylinder of noise.

The band have recently gained a new member, Justin (last name unknown) who joins the duo on bass and have just released their debut album titled She Dares All Things. It's nine songs full of the sensitivity described above. They are one of the best shoegaze bands to emerge in 2007 and come highly recommended with the Einstein tick.

Panda Riot- She Dares All Things: MP3

Panda Riot- Like Flowers At Night: MP3

Panda Riot- Myspace


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