Yip- Yip

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Reptiles In The Monkey House

Yip-Yip is a super hip mixture designed to blow the roof off the myspace generation. Crazy experimental electronica, progressive computer digitalism like a bag of coloured marbles; the fascination never gets old. If you thought technology was killed by Microsoft, think again!

Formed by Jason Temple and Brian Esser in 2001, Yip-Yip has been on the cutting edge of North American electronic fashion. They were recently chosen by the Orlando Weekly as "Best Electronic Act" for the fourth year in a row. They've played shows with such esteemed acts as Battles, The Locust and Animal Collective. From big to small clubs, Yip-Yip has danced the pants off so many, handing out thousands of dance floor orgasms to the digital generation.

So what's all the fuss about, surely computer music from the 80's can't still be cool? Yip, it sure can! It takes one to understand the molecular DNA of a circuit board to uncover the real potential of past technology. If you've read this far and still don't get it, words like digitalism are probably way out of your league. Fuck off and read your Cosmo and marvel over Lindsay Lohan's latest hairstyle. If your Casio watch from 1988 still runs on its original battery you better right click on the tracks below. This is one gang Bill Gates and Bono will never get their hands on.

Yip-Yip- Jazz Rats: MP3

Yip-Yip- Gender Changes: MP3

Yip-Yip- Club Mummy: MP3

Yip-Yip- Myspace


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