Poisson d'Avril

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hypnotic No-Hop Suffocation

When you discover new music that completely blows your mind, it's normally for one or two reasons. Poisson d'Avril gives you endless reasons, but the most obvious is his genre redefining sound. In fact forget that, redefining is the wrong word; he creates his own genre, a genre we can call No-Hop. An experimental genre, mixing hip-hop style rap, screamo electronic sirens and the urban sophistication of the New York indie underground.

Sounding kind of dirty, but somehow very elegant, Poisson d'Avril has opened my eyes to an area of eclectic music I wouldn't normally explore. Mixed into the indie scene of Brooklyn, New York, he has emerged with an undeniably pulsating sound, very different to the cutesy pop of his fellow borough counterparts. At current day very few have picked up on the No-Hop movement, in fact I'm not sure it even exists. Perhaps it's in my imagination! But if you need pointing in the right direction look me up. I'm probably more reliable than Google.

Centred mainly around the urban hip-hop styling of the 1990's, Poisson d'Avril and similar artists do more than just imitate their heroes. They are more stylish, much more serious and make Public Enemy and My Bloody Valentine sound very tired and very very old. At this early stage it's hard to say who will be attracted to this music. One thing's certain, the modern music scene surely needs the eclectic styling of No-Hop to bring faith back to the children of ground zero.

Poisson d'Avril- Plush Plush Plush: MP3

Poisson d'Avril- I've Got a Placebo That'll Make You Shiver: MP3

Poisson d'Avril- Burn Your Lighthouse Down: MP3

Poisson d'Avril- Liar Fist Liar Tits: MP3

Poisson d'Avril- Myspace


At 12:21 pm, March 17, 2010, Blogger Jose Fritz said...

good lord man repost!


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