Thursday, September 13, 2007

C'mere You!

If you haven't had a good pash in a while, come give Einstein a kiss. Here's one Pash you will never forget! The Virginia quartet are full of love and with a heart of gold they want to share it with you. They'll get your mouth grinning, your eyes steering and your ears listening with their Juggernaut of sound that's both smooth and tender.

For a sound that's been used and abused over the last fifteen years, Pash come across with a air of freshness. Where other bands have been rough around the edges and fallen victim to repetitiveness, Pash add something new, making noise that is uniquely their own. It helps considerably to have the luscious vocal melody of Merideth Munoz at the forefront but the work of Erik Bruner-Yang, Ryan McLaughlin and Jon Bibb can't be discredited. Munroz voice, about one note higher than Emily Haines, is contained and released with bounding radiance propelling the band on an upward spiral.

The Best Gun, the bands newly released second album sees Munroz song writing touch on new uncharted territory. Since forming the band with her liberal art college friends and then lover Bruner-Yang back in 2003, the band have matured and defined their sound. Pash have now reached a level where the press are interested and watching their every move. The Best Gun reveals a talented band that will one day spawn an even better solo career for Munroz.

Pash- The Best Gun: MP3

Pash- ABCD: MP3

Pash- Myspace


At 4:52 PM, September 17, 2007, Blogger pash said...

thanks for the review! keep in touch!


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