Nouvelle Vague

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sexy slumber party chanteuses make
a Bela Lugosi Lounge Act

Bossa nova new-wave soul-jazz goes to bed and gets all swoony and starry-eyed, crossing dreams and spanning continents. From France to Brazil to New York, the collective re-invents no-wave post-punk phenomenas, stalking the dreary world of rock and diving into the slums of pop to deliver breathy breath-taking covers of already dreamy originals.

Bedfellow du jours Marc Collins, Oliver Libaus, Mélanie Pain, Marina Celeste, Phoebe Killdeer and Camille and Gérald Toto are a multi-instrumentalist group of globally gathered individuals who give us sensuous, salty but impossibly sweet renditions of hearty classics, more than stamped with their luscious textures and sounds. Their music is magnetic. It's tasty. You'll want to bed it. Music this good turns well-meaning music journalists into PR pushers. But it's true, they're really really great.

Nouvelle Vague- Dancing With Myself: M4A [originally by Generation X]

Nouvelle Vague- Too Drunk To Fuck: MP3 [originally by Dead Kennedys]

Nouvelle Vague- Love Will Tear Us Apart: MP3 [originally by Joy Division]

Nouvelle Vague- Making Plans For Nigel: MP3 [originally by XTC]

Nouvelle Vague- The Killing Moon: MP3 [originally by Echo and the Bunnymen]

Nouvelle Vague- Myspace


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